A word for all you "political independents".

For all of you who want to think of themselves as politically independent or are Ron Paul supporters or other third pary wannabes, please check out this video. Well reasoned and well though out.

If you don’t vote, you could, very well, aid in the destruction of this country as we knows it.

Hope this helps;

It would help much better if this political discussion was in the Not for Everyone area where people have agreed to post these hot button issues. It keeps the rest of the board free of the garbage.

Just sayin. :wink:

Like most Republicans the rules only apply to the masses in his world.

Yes great idea.
Some people are **HARD OF LISTENING **

I am sorry, I wans’t aware that everyone agreed to this rule. This forum is labled "
Discuss whatever you wish in this forum." (look it up for yourself) and I did. I will not do so in the future.

Some of the NACHI policemen can’t read plain English.

You did nothing wrong.

And, evidently, Bob, who I really wanted to see this video (being a Paulian) won’t watch it now.

Oh well. I moved it so atht should keep the harpies away.

I am not sure if this guy is serious or what. He talks like he is talking to a kid. I will tell you this, I am voting for Gary Johnson. Why? Simply because I can. I think I earned it defending this nation for 9 years. I am also voting for Gary because I hate the two party system that is shoved down our throats. When Gary gets 5% of the vote, the libertarian party will have equal footing in 2016. You want change?

The Libertarian party has managed select a candidate that will be lucky to get 2% of the vote.

Go ahead a vote for Gary but at least understand who the man is.


I believe in checks and balances.
Dem Fed and Rep local this time around.

Having a Libertarian lean while voting in other directions is complex but so is life.
Communism is considered the perfect form of government if implemented perfectly but of course nothing is perfect and I am far from a communist.

The Borg on Star Trek have the perfect society with all connected and thinking alike but in the real world that would be horrible.

Being Libertarian sounds perfect but with 6 billion people would lead to anarchy.

My votes reflect the real world and a gut feeling of emptiness when looking into Romneys eyes that should scare all humans as he has no plan and no feelings while willing to change philosophy to suit his needs of wanting to be in power.

They say the first 10 seconds you meet someone determine how you feel about them and my first and lasting impression is a sardonic grin of a phony.

I noticed that while discussing voter fraud and such he didn’t mention how the GOP screwed Ron Paul in Maine. Or the fact that if Gary Johnson gets 5 percent of the vote we make true history by breaking the two party monopoly. Or how one vote really doesn’t matter because of the outdated electoral college. He is just another Romney spin master.
I proudly voted Libertarian on as many contests as possible. Funny sign of the times… As many libertarian judges running in my county as republicans… Hardly any Democrats running for judges in this county.

That is because you live in a one party county.:slight_smile:

There are definitely two parties.

  1. Those who want the nanny state.

  2. Those who don’t

Bob is no moderate, he is no independent and he is no “Paulian”. If he has convinced anyone to the contrary he should run for office immediately.

You have no idea and if you think you do are wrong.

5% for Gary Johnson will not advance the independent party.

Ross Perot got nearly 19% of the popular vote and was on the ballot in all 50 states.

It is widely known that a vote for Perot damaged Bush’s chances more than Bill Clinton. http://race42012.com/2011/04/20/did-ross-perot-elect-bill-clinton/

While many Johnson supporters come from both sides of the spectrum, it is difficult to say from whom he would take votes. They may just cancel each other out. Very conservative voters like his libertarian message while very liberal voters like his position on legalizing pot, among other things.

You have the right to vote for whomever you want. Just know that it makes a statement beyond the obvious. There are unintended consequences.

I don’t think Bob votes party lines…I think he would pick the best person for the job…but thats just my opinion. Never met the guy, but seems open and fair…and he has bashed me numerous times. :slight_smile:

As I said, he falls in lock-step with all the other libs on every topic and he obediently supports a failed lib president. No one should be fooled.

My point is that some people, who base their vote solely on “principle”, which in many cases is just sour grapes because they did not get 100% or what they wanted, decide to either not vote for a candidate that represents about 60 - 80% of what they want wind up with a President that is against 60 - 80% of what they want.

If a candidate in the primaries cannot get even close to 10 - 20% of the primary vote, why should one expect him to do better than that if he then goes and gets on a thrid party ballot.

BTW: Ron Paul is a loser, and never got more than 3% nationally. How can one expect to actually advance their principles if they don’t work with others?

By eventually being show to be right. No one agreed with Peter Schiff either: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I0QN-FYkpw