Poll: How many home inspectors also inspect for termites?

As a new home inspector I’m curious how many of you also inspect for termites. I’d like to get my license, but wanted to test the waters first. Thanks for the help!

No termites in Vermont! Although, military loans (until this year) required an inspection.

I offer termite, radon and mold.

But, do you inspect for them too?:wink:

I do WDI inspections, radon testing and water sampling.

I currently do not personally inspect for termites. I have another company work with me on those jobs.

Had my Structural Pest Inspectors license. Separate licenses up here for inspecting and treating. Dropped the license after 5 years. All the liability is in the inspection, all the money is in the treatment. I let the pest guys have it back.

I don’t see how a busy home inspector could find time to do termite treatments. I also don’t see how an accomplished home inspector who puts time into continuing education could find time to be a competent termite inspector also and keep up with the tricks of that trade.

Nope! No termite inspection for me, you don’t get much money for the liability and I have complete respect for the knowledge that a good termite inspector possesses. My guy has 37 years in the field so he has seen it all. No way I could take a course and compete with him!


I sub them out and charge accordingly.:wink:


I don’t know how far North termites travel but I’ve never seen one in Canada.

Maybe they wereexterminated recently.

Nope, don’t do em or offer em.

I got my licensed here in AZ to do termite inspection just to know more about it, but I have a licensed pest professional that I sub out all my termite inspections to. I do schedule them for my clients, and he is usually there when I inspect. I do it as a courtesy for my clients and also there are two of us looking at the house at the same time. It works great for me and I don’t have the extra paperwork and liability that is involved with termite inspections. I can not upcharge these inspections,(AZ doesn’t allow it) I just charge my clients what he charges. My realtors and buyers love the service, one more thing they don’t have to schedule.

There are no termite exterminators within 100 miles of here and Ontario (where this post is from) is pretty far away. I didn’t know they were starting to get termites in Ontario (this wouldn’t have made the news if it was a common occurrence) but no one has them in Manitoba - its too cold. :mrgreen:

Thanks to everyone who responded. The general consensus seems to be offer termite inspections as a courtesy, upcharge (if legal) for the service but let the experts handle it, as the extra $ may not justify the liability.

Termites have been a growing problem in the GTA for a decade or MORE


I do termite inspections myself. In Indiana there are separate licenses for WDO inspection and WDO treatment. I have an inspection license only. Probably over half of HIs in this area also do termite. Why not? Takes an extra 10 minutes tops, since its done at the same time as the inspection. Theres not a huge liability. Just like a regular inspection, its completely visual. Any areas that are not visible or inaccessible re disclaimed in the NPMA33 form.

I used another company for years. After looking at the money I decided to become a pest control company also. In Florida you must work for another(Certified Operator) for three years as an inspector/technician. After the three years I can become an Operator and have my own inspectors/technicians. I would not recommend it if you are a single inspector it is too easy to miss something and have a large headache. We use three to four inspectors per Home Inspection and this allows enough time on site to do a complete and through job.