Poly B on the outside hose bibs

This 1994 Florida home has recently had the plumbing lines updated with a PEX Manifold system - great! However they left 3 lines as Poly B which is for the outside hose bibs. Is this ok to leave Poly B on the outside lines?

You’re in Florida. What’s it gonna hurt? They’re not gonna freeze. I assume they’re inside the walls and protected from physical damage, and the bibbs themselves are properly mounted.

My understanding is that poly b is far more tolerant to freezing than any other type of water distribution piping, not that it’s a concern in Florida. Any plastic fittings, aluminum crimp rings, or exposure to high ambient temps, uv or chlorine would be my concerns.

Freezing Florida conditions is definitey not the concern…My concern is that the 3 polybutylene lines run from inside the garage back wall plumbing manifold to the exterior hose bibs around the hose. These connections could fail at the manifold or anywhere inbetween that and the outside hose bibs. I find it strange that a plumber would not replace these 3 outside lines but everything else on the interior.

My questions is really whether Polybutylene should always be written up in the report regardless of what area of the house it serves?

Copper rings and chlorine are the two concern factors here…

you were hired to prepare a written inspection report noting observed deficiencies and other items required to be reported

a simple question to ask yourself for all occasions of any items in doubt

would you want this information in the report if you were the client?


Are those photos from before the re-pipe? They show a poly manifold, not PEX.

Anyway, any plumber that didn’t run new lines to the hose bibs is short-changing the client. They still have active polybutylene in the home, and insurance will be an issue as well as leaks. I also doubt that arrangement was permitted and inspected by the City or County.

Looks like poly to everything from where I’m sitting.

call it out

I greatly appreciate the responses, and the points mentioned. I admit this is my first time on IterNachi Forum’s and relatively new to the industry. I have called the outside hose bibs lines in the report as Poly B, but I believe the rest is an acceptable flex type tubing manifold system. When you guys say Poly do you mean - polyurethane pipe or polybutylene? My understanding is Polybutelene is the only red flag item. Here is a better picture of what I think is the non polybutelene pipe in the manifold and acceptable…I am right?

No. All the piping in that photo is polybutylene and should be called out. That manifold isn’t compatible with PEX, and the house needs a re-pipe.


It’s all PB. It just happens that only a couple of them have copper crimp-rings.