Polybutylene or no?

Only legible marking is the one see in the picture. What do you guys think ? Poly ? Townhouse built in 1992

That is it! Look for PB2110.
Read this…

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Did it have PB2110 on it? It looks like poly.


It very clearly Poly B. And appears to be a manifold system.

because of red/blue stripes?

The lack of angle stops.
Most straight run Poly is routed back to the central manifoldpoly manifold .

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Great eyes…

Got sure Larry ! That’s why these guys are the best. Thanks everyone

So What’s with all the paint? To make it look pretty under a cabinet that no one cares about? Or to hide the PB2110 markings? Hmmmm.

Pablo, welcome back to our forum!..Enjoy! :smile: