Are all grey flexible water lines polybutylene? I have found some that do not have the PB 2110 label, but look the same. Qest and Vanguard are two of the labels found on these products. I am getting conflicting opinions from Plumbers and General Contractors as to wether these products are problematic or polybutylene. Vanguard pipe and fittings Ltd states they never manufactured a polybutylene product but Vanguard Tubing in Witchita did. It appears Qest also did. Just trying to figure out what products (that do not carry the PB stamp) should be flagged as problematic. One plumbing contractor states ALL grey flexible tubing is polybutylene.

Thanks :shock:

Take the NACHI plumbing course, and click on the video contained within the course. It will educate you.

Polybutylene, PB 2110, Acetyl Fittings, Copper Fittings…
it is still PB…
Recommend replacement…

Reduce water pressure and the fear is reduced, more often then not substantially. :stuck_out_tongue:

Question is: If it is grey flexible tubing is it polybutylene regardless of markings?? :shock:

No, it could be Polyethylene piping.
The 2110PB is the give away marking identification. :slight_smile:

Sometimes you have to see it.