Pool Equipment Bonding

I would like to hear opinions from everyone, expert or not.

Do you believe the metal pool filter should be bonded to the rest of the equipment? Why or why not?

I welcome any code interpretation you feel might be relevant.

In this case, the filter is about 8 feet from the water, so let’s stay away from the five-foot rule and focus on the “equipment.”


Hmmm, well it is metal, but it is not electrical equipment as stated in 680.26(4). I think it would be a stretch to call it part of the electrical equipment associated with the recirculating water.

Besides, where would you drill a hole in the darn thing for a lug?

Don’t get caught up in the details ;). In this case it would be difficult, but many of these older filters have a steel base that you could tap a lug to.

It’s not required to be bonded, and I can think of no benefit derived from bonding it at the distance from the pool you say it is.

Well looking at the picture, there is separation from any metal piping that may connect the filter from the motor but there are signs of puddling in the area around the filter that head right over to the motor on the ground. I would mention, but not sure which direction I would head.

I don’t believe it’s required, but I’ve had AHJ’s disagree with me, which is why I’m starting the discussion.

Why would you care what the AHJ thought? Did you ask them if they have some local rule that modifies the base text?

It’s not about “caring” what they think. I’m trying to understand where their logic comes from.

I had been doing a “phase” inspection on a large custom home. After the pool and equipment was in (before the city inspector showed up), I inspected the installation - not for compliance, but for quality.

The owner questioned my “qualifications” when the AHJ said the filter needed bonding and I hadn’t mentioned it.

The same type of issue came up again recently where the AHJ required bonding of the filter when some “other” work was being done on the property.

They’re just over stepping their bounds as an AHJ. Same old story. Happens to us electricians all the time on a variety of issues, and we resolve it by asking them for a code citation.

Their logic comes from their opinions rather than facts. As Marc said, this all too common.

I am curious.
How is a metal pool filter not associated with the “pool water circulating system”?

In the picture, I see two pipes that I am assuming are carrying water circulating to the pool system.

680.26(B)(4)Electrical Equipment.
Metal parts of electrical equipment associated with the pool water circulating system,…"

I am not sure what the distance from the pool would have to do with this section…pool equipment is installed remote from pools all the time and still require bonding as per 680.26.

Thanks Pierre. That’s the kind of thinking I’m looking for. I can understand that. I just don’t see it as “metal parts of electrical equipment.”

You are correct - the pipes are carrying water as part of the “water circulating system.” So what’s your position?

Boiler plate I use, bond it.

The real question would be “how”. Drilling a hole in the can would void the warranty and would need a gasket that would insulate the lug. You certainly couldn’t connect a solid wire to a part that moves like the band or cover.
There is no code article that requires it


First one I found. Why would one not bond the giant metal filter???

Show me please. . .


Get a fiberglass filter housing like everyone else.

I tend to agree. This is not electrical equipment.

UNless it’s along side the pool, I also agree that proximity has nothing to do with it. Anyone who has wired a large expansive pool can attest to this. If it’s required to be bonded then it get’s bonded, no matter how far it is.

I don’t see a reason to not bond it, but at the same time I also see no compelling code reason TO bond it.

Sure, it’s easy to just say “bond it”, but sometimes there are other circumstances that need more than an opinion to prove something is required to be done.

because it’s not required in this case. Simple as that.