Pool fittings for sink drain

Came across this on yesterday’s inspection. The bathroom sink was retrofitted which appeared to be PVC fittings uses on pool pumps. The sink drained well, no gurgling or slow drain. I know this is not up to today’s standards. I want to call this out, however it would probably a nightmare to correct this which I know is not my job or concern. Looking for a good narrative on this one? Basically saying this is not up to today’s standards and however the drain functioned and having a plumber evaluate and repair.

Looks good to me. Those look like proper DWV fittings. Where do you see “pool” fittings?

Looks like the connection of what we use on the pool pumps down here in Florida. If all looks good as it did function like it was pose to, than I really don’t need to mention anything.

Where? Are you talking about the tailpiece nut (black)?

I would agree… It looks ok to me.

Neatly done, looks good.

I would have done one less elbow or used a long elbow. Just to reduce potential of clogging, but not a defect.