Plumbing drain, WOW

This masterpiece had PVC, copper, garden hose, flexible pool filter hose, duct tape, electrical tape, painters tape, super glue, and strips of rubber tied in knots…thought I’d share.:mrgreen: I miss defect of the month, so here’s a laugh guys.


Epitome of the DIY’R


I didn’t have to make one trip to the hardware store!
I use all that “junk” that I’ve been saving and you wanted to throw out.
Look at all the money we saved!

That is one fine piece of plumbing engineering there. :slight_smile:

But did it leak?

MacGyver would be proud!

Actually it wasn’t leaking. All the junctions had duct tape and rubber strips tied on them but this was the crown jewel. I think there was even a plastic grocery bag strapped to one…none leaked.

So, what exactly did the “system” service?

More details!

Hey Mike,

That is such a good one.
May I save that for my archives?


garden hose was a drain for a dishwasher: the pool hose was about 25 feet long, to span a distance of 8 feet, for a relocated washing machine drain: it was also fed by a makeshift bathroom in the garage. Then went into the main septic drain.

The bathroom had one comment that basically said everything from the floor, fixtures, plumbing and electrical was improper, not built to any building standard and should be removed.

Tom, feel free to use it.

Was the WYE above the blue tape capped off or in use?

That is a Red Green special for sure. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

Ty Mike!

in use