need some help

Could use some help with you photo below, with plumbing issues such as the fittings.

Mechanical fittings are required for joining different materials. I don’t see an issue from where I’m at.

Thanks Joe , I wasn’t sure if I missed something or not. Thank you for your input. :wink:

I think you need a clean out out there

I agree.

A clean out sweep tee instead of the bottom el. Otherwise no issues with the hubless connectors.

If that’s a grinder pump it’s connected to the plumbing wrong.

Nope not a grinder pump. But thanks you guys for the info for the clean-out.

If not a grinder, but a standard sump pump, most jurisdictions do not allow them to drain to waste. If you’re unsure if allowed, you need to call your local AHJ asap to get a ruling. This is something that should be looked at in everyhome with a sump pit.

Good catch Juan!

I agree to call out no proper clean out. Look’s like one section was not glued properly. I am not a big fan for the rubber only fittings and prefer the metal jacketed ones on **horizontal **runs.

If its a sump pump looks like pitch is wrong from that end

I have two questions for some plumbing experts.

  1. Both the toilet waste drain at the forefront and the 3" or 4" horizontal drain behind have small jogs in their path. Are the jogs allowed and if so at what angle do they become an inproperly angled waste drain? I have seen a similar waste drain with a slight jog become a major clogging issue at a friends house and they have to plung the toilet constantly because that area catches effluent.

  2. Is the galvanized pipe a vent and if so isn’t the horitontal run in it not allowed until it is above the highest drainage point?

The fitting on the HUB looks like a good mechanical fitting.
Here is a link.
Cast iron pipe ends are called. Spigots and HUBS…

Go to go.
Remember sump basins and mechanical waste needs to empty from above the exit line.

That is what I was referring too. Is it the same for sumo pumps? I thought it was just for grinder pumps

I do not have reference to sumo pumps sorry.
Ask Mr. Pope.

Its a waste basin pump it should be above the main.
The HUB are in a bad area to refit.
Here is what I found.

Does the sump basin have an anti syphon or back flow valve?
Looks likes it is not above the line to me.

Sorry Juan.
I am exhausted.
Needs to be higher in case of flooding.
I do not know by what high.
Please do not take my word on this.
Michel Larson may help and other good posters.

The OP said it was not a sewage ejector. In any case these are the applicable codes for a sewage pit connection. UPC 710.2, IRC 3007.2