pool inspection prices

what prices are currently being charged across the USA for the pool inspections? The Florida pricing is anywhere from $45-95.

Just curious.:wink:

I know NACHI member Larry in Florida is getting way more than that. If you need any advice on pools, Larry should be able to help you. csi.inspections@yahoo.com
I would definitely keep a pool guru in your state like Larry on my Christmas card list.

It varies from, giving it out for free to full blow inspection for $250.

Performed during a home inspector, or separate?

Yes :wink:

There are many inspectors who will offer it for free in the Houston area if with the home inspection (I wouldn’t it and don’t). The average price I have found when I sub it out on big houses is $250.

Always been free as well as the sprinkler system.

Thanks James.

The going rate from a pool company to an inspector in this area of Florida is around $100, that seems to leave room for the HI to mark it up a bit.

Depending on the age, size, type, condition and the home it’s connected to I’ll usually get between $150 and $250 with the Home Inspection, but that’s a really detailed report. I’ve had relocation companies pay as much as $400 on their form just for the pool inspection.

My feeling is if you have the knowledge and experience you shouldn’t give it away, of course you’ve gatta back it up though.

BTW: I take calls from fellow inspectors on pool questions all the time, feel free to call or e-mail me.

Why would you take on the extra liability for FREE??