Pool inspections

Do you charge for the pool inspection and if so how much?

75-250 depending on what there is. Pool, sp, water features, water falls etc. Major ;iability and you have to cover YOURSELF and the client

Yes… $50.00 with home inspection…, $150.00 without home inspection.

I do not currently feel confident in my abilities so I suggest they have a pool contractor or someone else who is qualified inspect it.

I try not to do to many home inspections so it does not come up often for me.

If I did do them I would sure as heck charge :slight_smile:

For a visual inspection NO, on a hole in the ground with water, unless it is a custom deal with all the bells and whistles, usually a larger residence and the client wants to make sure everything is working. If anything is visably out of place (and there usually is) recommend; “inspect, repair as needed by a licensed Certified Pool Operator (CPO) or contractor”.

Never charged for them. Having built a few, it isn’t that hard to inspect them.

Actually Eric, I disagree. There is a lot to look at - walls and coping, drain cover, suction, motor and filter, check main drain and skimmer, bonding, light, electrical, and safety issues. I always charge extra.

In the grand scheme, how much more time does it take?

That seems to be you attitude about everything :frowning:
I say get what you can every time. Especially because now days the clients think we are all equal due to licensing anyhow and they mainly only worry about price. “the average client” that is. Those with real money see the world differently.

It takes a minimum of 20 minutes for me to inspect the pool and take all of my notes

It takes me anywhere from 30 to 45 min. to inspect a swimming pool, pool deck, , screened enclosure and super gutter and downspouts, that’s just a normal swimming pool and spa. If there is an elaborate water feature/slide additional fees apply. I need to be paid for my time’ Our normal pool charge $50 included in a home inspection. I see by your website that you do not charge for your pool inspections. Time is money and your experience and expertise is invaluable to your client, so charge accordingly. Good luck

$45 extra everytime.

I do “get what I can” every time. My pricing structure isn’t based on every single inspection, it is based on all of the inspections combined and averaged. That way, the income stays relatively the same, except for the occasional multi-million dollar home. Which is more.

We charge an additional fee. It adds at least 20 minutes, often more. Especially when we walk the client through how the system operates. It is worth every penny to my customer that have never owned a pool.