Pool/Spa/Well inspections

Hey everyone! I wanted to get an idea of what you all do for these Aux inspections. Do you offer them? Did you take a class to understand how to do them properly? If so, what classes? How much do you typically charge extra for these services? I have plans on taking a pool inspection course but do I need extra tools? Also, with the well inspections, I have taken the InterNACHI class but in talking with agents around my area most well inspectors do not do all of the items on the well inspection video. I literally had a gentleman come out, turn the exterior hose bib on, tap on the well pressure tank, measure the well depth with a roll-up tape measurer and then charge 350.00. I have tried to find other courses on well inspections but have come up empty-handed. Any and all advice is welcome. Please note that I understand that all extra services include more liability. That is why I am trying to go through the proper channels to understand and properly conduct these extra services to limit liability. I have found that in my area people WANT these extra services and typically have nowhere else to go. I want to be able to provide these services at a fair price with the appropriate training. Thanks so much for your help and advice.