Poor grammar is always a giveaway

This happened to me last year. Same person 2 different numbers. Said he was the seller of a home that was on the market. Told me that a mold remediation company would be there at the same time. Then later said he would pay me the mold guys fee and then I could send the payment on to the mold guy. At this point I knew something was up. He said he had sent a check but it never came. I told him to get lost after I confirmed with the selling agent who in fact the seller was. Weird part is that several months later a check did come. I voided it took pictures and shredded it. I texted the number that the check showed up and that I didn’t know how the scam worked, but I wasnt going to have any part in it.
Two days later they tried it again. Different tactics, but same type of scam. Be careful out there.


Hey Look, My first post LOL. Hi everyone. I was in marketing and advertising for 10 years (back in the 90’s.) One thing I learned is NEVER do business via text in the first place. With that said, unless you know the person, I wouldn’t. If you doubt the validity of the text, chances are you’re probably right. If you still question it (they already have your number), respond with "I don’t except text messages for inspections.) Either they leave or you may just get a call (doubtful).

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K.I.S.S. …(Keep It Simple Stupid)… “Not Available”.


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