Poor grammar is always a giveaway

“Hello Sir
Am Mike Allen by name . . .which I am in talks with the seller.”

Sure you are! The house has a current listing but not under contract. This guy texted me two days in a row from two different numbers.

Here is my reply:
“You just texted me yesterday. Get your scam together. If you don’t have a contract to buy I’m not interested. There is no contract on that property.”

There’s a lot of worthless people out there.


I might have been a bit more direct Bob!
Cheers :grin:

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And that is exactly what he/she/it will do.
This will not STOP them, only teach them how to FIX their scams to better the chance of working.


I don’t know, you have more faith in their intelligence than i do. They’ve been pulling the same scam for years. First time I got the same one two days in a row.

PROOF that their scams are working and they are not going anywhere anytime soon!

STOP responding and they will no longer have anyone to scam, and they will eventually disappear!!



Text received:

Scamer: Hello, my name is Kevin Longo, I will like to know if you are available to pre-inspect a new house I am intereted in purchasing which I am already in contact with the seller. The house is located at 3323 Bradwell Ave, Cleveland OH 44109 and this are the details; 4 bd 1 ba 1572 sqft year built: 1900 Lot: 5601 sqft and it is currently vacant. Let me know if you can get it done and your quote?

Me: Nope


How do you know that is a scam? I’m just trying to figure it out. I feel like i had have more scams with people who want to market / advertise you.

Others sharing their experiences here and the scammers’ language history, for some hints.

Well, there is that, too, Steven.


It is very easy to tell once you’ve had a few come through by text.

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IMO… those dirtbags fall into the same group as the other SCAMMERS!!

I do not do business with unsolicited telemarketers/salespeople!!
And for those that constantly blast me with SPAM… Do they really think this marketing harassment will win me over??


The scammer is always in contact with the seller. Look up the listing, once a property is listed by an agent the seller can no longer negotiate a deal. Everything must go through the agent so he / she gets their cut. Secondly a house under contract will show that on the listing. There is no contract. Very few home inspections ever occur before there is a contract. Those that do are usually sought by the seller.


Copy that!


As the others say, it’s pretty easy once you’ve seen a couple. That being said, I resist blasting them on the very, very slight chance it’s legitimate. I usually just say I only take in-person checks and prefer credit cards and I never hear back. I’ll also usually notify the listing agent (if the house is on the market) as a courtesy to let them know their house is being used (also a little marketing to get my name in front of them never hurts).

I’ve said this before on here… I feel REALLY sorry for the broken English buyer that texts to get an inspection and gets both barrels back :slight_smile:


That is a great idea. Lemons into lemonade is what that’s called.


As long as there are newbies and people desperate for inspections these losers will be around. Just had one sent to me in December I told him to go away after doing my due diligence and saw a post on the day he wanted the inspection from a different inspector saying what a surprise to him when he showed up for the inspection and there were four other inspectors there at the same time. House wasn’t under contract.


In my almost 20 years in this business I’ve never shown up for an inspection without first contacting the LA or ST for access (FSBO exluded). In my area that’s just always the way it’s been done.

Maybe these scammers are giving unsuspecting inspectors fake access instructions?


Yup keep getting similar inquiries, I don’t respond, it just encourages them.

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After a beer and I’m done for the day and have a few minutes, I sometimes respond with “…and I highly recommend my special ancillary service of ROUS inspection, this month special of $299!”. If they ask what that is, I will provide more details of the special equipment needed to inspect for Rodents Of Unusual Size. Most haven’t seen Princess Bride :slight_smile:


And now I’m gonna add that to my “ancillary” services!!! LOL!!!

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I get the same thing in a different manner, “ hi William, this is Mike , would like to schedule an inspection for Jan 31st. Please text me back if you can do it. “. Well, for one thing, no property address is provided . I don’t even reply just report fishing and block contact. I get these at holiday season. On one back in November we had police cyber crime track it, guess what it was an inspector who if you returned text he would infect your Phone and the infection would attach to client addresses. He is now serving 5 years, the AI department expedited this due to over 80 inspectors reporting the text from our area. Don’t return texts guys. Also the idiot did not realize I do expert witness for several lawyers and they were all excited to jump him. Also you may check and see if that type of inquiry is made by competing inspectors in your area. In our area it is not uncommon for inspectors to mess with other inspectors also.

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