Porch/ISN: We've expanded free "Buy Your Home Back" Guarantees into 2 more states.

I’m happy to announce that after good early results and feedback from inspectors who are providing the Porch Home Assistant and $200 of Handyman Services to their customers, we are making this available in more states.

On top of any inspector using ISN, we initially made the “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee available for free (sponsored by Porch) to all InterNACHI inspectors in Texas and Georgia who are partnering with Porch. As of now, we are now making this same free “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee offer available in California and Florida.

Just click here to sign-up and then upload each inspection here for it to automatically have the “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee applied and to get a Home Assistant Gold and $200 of Handyman Services for free. Email me if you want me to open your state next. Fastreply@nachi.org I’m going to expand this program across all of North America just like I do with everything.

Also, a couple of things I want to clear up based on message board comments:

  1. Homeowners really like getting the $200 of Handyman Services and a Home Assistant to help them with their move. They just do. The feedback we are seeing is consistently clear: They like having all of their trash/gas/electricity/water transferred over, etc. There hasn’t yet been a single “No Complaint Guarantee” filed, and no checks have been taken off my wall.

  2. One of the reasons that Home Assistant calls the homeowner is that part of what Porch provides is a 3rd party review service for the inspector. If a homeowner isn’t happy, this helps to make sure you are in front of it before they post on Google or Yelp. If they are happy, it gets posted online to help you get more business. If agents ever ask you why someone needs to call the homeowner, just let them know that you have an independent 3rd party collect reviews to make sure you are doing great work, and if the homeowner needs any other help with their move during that call, they’ll get help.

  3. There was a concern if the Home Assistant will introduce a different inspector in the future when the homeowner needs an inspection done. No. Forever the Porch Home Assistant refers all inspections back to the original InterNACHI inspector. They will even ask a year from now if the homeowner wants an annual inspection performed by an InterNACHI member to help get us more business for InterNACHI members.

  4. Even if you turn on Porch in ISN and you are an InterNACHI member, Porch doesn’t even get the inspection report ever sent to them except if the homeowner provides it directly to their Home Assistant. If you are an InterNACHI member, your data is safe.

  5. Porch has agreed that it is not selling leads to InterNACHI inspectors at all. Free leads forever (for members of InterNACHI).

These are things to offer to your customers to help you stand out. And now the “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee will be included free for every InterNACHI member working with Porch in CA, FL, TX, and GA. If you are in one of those four states you can sign up here to take advantage of these offers. I’ll roll the Porch/ISN deal out in more states soon.

And as has always been the case, you can participate in just the “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee](https://www.nachi.org/buy) on your own without ISN or Porch involvement if that is what you want. It is and has been available as a stand-alone program in all of the U.S. and Canada and will continue to be.

Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.

So if one were to sign up for this, is a copy of the report submitted somewhere? Is there a web portal where we need to input information? Can you please explain the process? Any necessary language to add to the Agreement?

I’m not interested in selling my soul to corporate overlords.

Then don’t join the military. :wink:

  1. The main reason I have chosen not to participate in this program is.

" By clicking below, I (Jo-bob Theclient) consent to have Texas House Check, Porch and my Home Assistant, and providers of products and services for my home to call or text me at the number I provide, including using automated, prerecorded or autodialed calls. I understand that my consent to marketing communications is not required to make a purchase."
I don’t want my client receiving this prior to signing my agreement. If I received this I would run the other way too.

  1. Now if you want to gain participation and some level of trust then as its mentioned in several threads do the following


If Matt and his crew are as good at marketing as the think they are then they should be able to write a short introduction teaser that highlights the benefits and encourage people to sign up.

I’d rather market to individuals who are interested in the program then to those that are not. Its quality over quantity. However, it appears that Porch does not want to loose control and apparently thinks they know better.

  1. If you want to make this even more attractive

B. Add the 90 day miss it we pay for it as a benefit along with those already mentioned.

Makes you kinda wonder if Porch is even concerned about the image of inspectors.

Not just porch, but how about nick ? he is part of porch, and openly trying to solicit inspectors, promote porch and the Selling of Inspectors information by the inspectors themselves, to porch and who knows who else will get that data down the line. The whole thing is a sham and is one of the worst things to happen to inspectors and the industry/profession as a whole.


I don’t sell information. InterNACHI doesn’t either. Porch doesn’t either. You’re confusing us with data brokers.

At most, Porch responds to consumers who ask them to.

No confusion at all here,
it has already been shown that they do actively solicit the people who’s data they buy and You entice and pay inspectors to sell their clients info to you, you then pass off and use that info to contractors to attempt to do repairs etc… then who knows what happens to that data even further down the line “Yet” that will come out soon enough as it always does just with 1 of your other partners did (Nathan). You would say the same garbage about him and the truth came out.

You can, you can run, you can run, but you sure can’t hide…LOL hahahaha

This whole sham is one of the most damaging schemes to ever hit this industry and will cause irreparable damage and a negative stigma to all inspectors and the inspection industry as a whole.


Merry Christmas!

LOL! scorched earth!
I was told by an isn rep last week 40% of their users have signed up with Porch so far. You can get your ISN fees down to $3 an inspection by…you guessed it–signing up with porch.
I agree, I said this b4, this could turn toxic quick. All it takes is some ASHI guys using this arrangement with porch and Nachi as a call to arms for the protection of the consumer, I would be surprised if that’s not happening already.
I don’t think all vendors are sleazy but do look out for their bottom line, and could give a flying fig in regards to our individual success or ethics. I feel that Nachi should keep tabs on the vendors but not get in bed with them, that’s what it looks like.
I have never been a union guy, and have joined reluctantly in the past, but that’s kind of what I pictured Nachi as, to look out for us, to protect us.
It also feels like the inspector is being shortchanged for an additional revenue stream. For crying out loud these are our clients that we have procured, and agents that we have built relationships with, and in return we get $6?..$6!
George! George! Tell me about the rabbits!
More and more efforts are being made to steer me to Porch and I resent that.
I feel if I don’t “get with the program” I may lose out on some opportunities, and I resent that.
I feel that Nachi may eventually be taken over by influences from a vendor and I resent that.
Truly, that is my only *****, is that Nachi appears to be “in bed” with porch and the shining city on the hill is diminished.

I appreciate the opportunity Nachi affords me to vent on this forum, seriously.

Merry Christmas!

No we don’t and never have. What would I do with that data anyway?

No. They are merely responding to consumers who ask for assistance, then they send their own contractor to provide that assistance. Porch doesn’t sell leads to repair contractors. Porch is the repair contractor.

Protect them from what, exactly?

Protect you from what, exactly?

Eventually, one of you have to explain how you and/or consumers are being harmed. Can any of you?

The perceived selling of data, the clients wont have the benefit of this forum (or even care) to combat the slanderous accusations certain to blossom by your opposition.

In my case, the $3+k a year expenditure I make with Nachi that I’m an Internachi member that is above reproach. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but if Nachi’s reputation suffers (see above), so does mine.

Do you usually utilize and promote vendors this closely like Porch?


In the past just a few years ago Home Depot and Lowes (Porch) got involved in doing the 203K work and repairs, as well as Granite Inspections who contacted me to do do their draws. This was promoted as a way for homebuyers to save money and get great contractors vetted by Lowes. There were a couple of other big players and HUD allowed this to move forward.

It was a disaster and some of the people at the top took their money and split after messing up the lives of new home owners. I don’t have details beyond the few participants I was aware of but the bottom line was inspectors were offered pennies on the dollar for their services and the homeowners got a bad deal. Lowes got the rehab work and got to sell materials and subcontracted the labor to do the work. It went away quietly. I talked to a couple of the people involved and pretty much no one made money. I don’t know how Lowe’s made out but ReBuild USA (Welcome to REbuildUSA) was selling the 203K program and they have not updated their site since 2016.

Its a choice, give stuff away or don’t but like we all know nothing is really free.

On October 18th you announced this program. Below you will find the posting that appeared on LinkedIn. What I don’t see are any limitations. It looks like all members are included in all States. Now it seems Wisconsin is not on the list of participating States. I would like to know a time table for this program coming to Wisconsin considering I am currently participating in all of the elements.


Steven Bast
Four County Home Inspection Services, LLC
Waukesha, Wisconsin

Nick Gromicko
October 18 ·
In 2018, InterNACHI will be offering free home inspections on all homes for sale in the U.S. and Canada. The way it works is we are going to hire InterNACHI members to inspect the homes for sale for free (InterNACHI members get their full fee immediately) The homeowner has to have their listing agent post a link to the inspection report on their website which any and all interested homebuyers can download for $39. If the consumer puts an offer in on the house and it is accepted, they get their $39 refunded. InterNACHI is the inspector’s client so there is zero liability to the inspector. Each home will also come with a free “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee.

Thanks for playing


Steven, that is a totally different program that you mentioned and has nothing to do with Porch.

Jim, I’m pleased to see that you have finally arrived at the same position I’m at…that Porch isn’t a data broker. Thats good because Porch actually isn’t a data broker. They are a repair contractor.

Your only concern now is that we don’t “Yet” know what will happen in the future. That is true for both you and I.

Well, most of that is incorrect, but the end is accurate. Let me dissect it:

We didn’t partner with any data brokers. Porch doesn’t sell data. Furthermore we don’t entice anyone. InterNACHI isn’t offering free “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantees to anyone for any reason and never has.

Again, InterNACHI doesn’t pay inspectors with anything, and certainly not with Free “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantees and never has.

You got that right. It is completely transparent. And I think you are being a little hard on yourself.

OOPS, I must have missed this one, sorry my bad.

1.0No I have not arrived at the same position as you, not even close. It has already been shown that they solicit the clients from which they have collected data on from inspectors. Also this data is being collected and paid for in part from you.

  1. Absolutely wrong again. My only concern is not that we don’t know what will happen in the future, that will happen in time. My concerns now are many and include (but not limited to) the damage to all inspectors that Do Not Sell their clients data and the damage to theirs and the Inspection industry as a whole that you are helping to tarnish.