Porch construction issues...comments?

What would you say about a front porch that sloped toward the house and was flashed with vinyl siding? The house is > 15 years old and no visible damage to the wood structure was apparent in the crawl space.

071609 053.JPG 071609 054.JPG

071609 053.JPG

071609 053.JPG

071609 053.JPG

Porch concrete was poured against and sloped backwards toward the vinyl siding and house. Recommend sealing/ repairs, as needed by qualified professional, to prevent water entry and damage.

Several problems…

  1. Siding can not move
  2. Guarantee there is no flashing behind same
  3. Moisture will eventually get into the building envelope…just a matter to what degree.

That fact that you do not see visible damage on the inward band of the bandjoist does not mean its does not exist on the outer band…I would at least write it up that such method is not standard practice and why.



How is it that you keep getting all the winners…lol…although yesterday was one of my worst…started at 1:30 and finished at 7:30 pm… was up still 2am doing the report and still did not finish same until about 10 am this morning.

I think the builder was a do it yourselfer…jeez.


Do you have a pic from further away?

Also curious as how they got the siding below the concrete?

They put the siding on and then poured the concrete.

I see this a few times a year. Usually, you’ll see decay in the crawl. From within the crawl space, I could see the siding between the porch slab and the rim joist. They essentially used the siding as flashing.

Everyone’s comments were very helpful. Thanks to all.