Porch Group Stock continues to drop

Sorry to hear that.
What is the main issue?

Harvesting private information from and about unsuspecting homebuyers is not as profitable as it was when an inflated version of “Howdy Doody” was doing it in exchange for recall checks and home warranties.


Probably a good time to pick up ISN, eh Nick. :grinning:

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ISN was created 20 years ago. I’m surprised it held together this long.

I use it for every job I schedule. Who ever built it, built it right!!

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Bucking the market trend for sure… S&P 500 to end 2023 up 17%

Dan Huber was the original founder but I think he was just the idea guy. He had a super-smart IT person that was the “nuts/bolts” guy and he was amazing. I met Dan and his team at a Vegas conference probably 10 years ago then signed up a couple years later back in 2015. Back then it was a pretty revolutionary product. Today, there are lots of competitors and similar systems. Despite some less than ideal tactics by Porch (cramming their app down my clients’ throats for example) I’m still reasonably happy with the product.


So where is the floor of this thing? I am waiting for free :smiley:

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