portable spa inspection

Does anyone here perform inspections on portable spas? I was told not to, but my client is paying me well and asked me to just “look over it”. On top of this, I really can’t find a contract for portable spa inspection. There is no pool on the property so I would only be inspecting the portable spa.

Other than operation and the power supply, there’s really nothing to inspect on these.

They’re self contained. Just turn it on while you’re inspecting and check it occasionally for leaks and to see if it’s heating.

So no extra contract for a portable spa is needed? or charge?

That’s really an individual business decision. I typically charge an additional $25 for these.

I don’t have a seperate contract for portable/above-ground pools or spas - in fact, they are excluded in my standard contract.

I disclaim them, too much stuff inside I can’t see, like the pump and piping. I do make a comment in the report about pool/spa safety enclosure requirements though.

Jeff, how can you charge extra for something you disclaim? It seems like a contradiction an attorney would roast you on in court. I agree with your testing procedure but to test and completly disclaim doesn’t work in court. I’d be more inclined to just address the limitations of the test in the contract and/or within the report.

James, Jeff said standard contract, I’ll bet he has more than one contract.

I do have more than one contract, however, I don’t list “line item” prices.

This is not a discussion that should be held in this public forum :wink: