Possibility of a future MMA Championship match

Well I just contacted a buddy of mine in Danville, Virginia and asked for a future Mixed Martial Arts Title Shot, in the Virginia Cage fighting Championships. If my age doesn’t disqualify me then I will immediately start an intense training program.

I must be crazy at my age to want to get in a steel cage with a MMA champion and fight him, for a chance to take his title. I realize all of the consequences, believe me, I do. I know that I will bleed, have a lot of swelling in my face, and may receive a couple of broken body parts.

I’ll be honest with you guys: I’ve never fought in a steel cage. On the other hand, I have both given and taken good old butt whooping’s. I realize that I’ve never fought at this level, and if given the opportunity to fight, I will definitely get hurt.

I may not get the opportunity, but I did just ask for it. I will keep you guys posted if he e-mails me back and say’s: Let’s Talk.

Some fighters compete for years before they are allowed a title fight in the UFC. Good luck.

I fully understand that John. If they let me in then I will start off with a 0/0 win/loss ratio.

I am getting really exited over the thought of a championship fight. Here are 2 name choices that may fit me.

MMA Name choice 2.jpg

MMA Name choice 1.jpg

I also understand that once they see that I can fight and I get a promotion, it starts to pay off:
$500.00 for showing up for the fight and another $500.00, if I win.

If I could just get my foot in the door and keep you all posted, thousands of inspectors could possibly motivate me to the top. Imagine 1 of your own given the opportunity to show that he’s got what it takes to make it. What if he actually does make it to fight the champ in a match. A win or a loss at that level would be a win for me.

Just over the past month, countless Home Inspectors have motivated me not to give up and to fight for what I want and one day, I will get it.

I can imagine my daughter (Autumn) saying: That’s my dad, fighting the best of the best and he just won’t give up.

Best of luck to you. Keep us in the loop :slight_smile: I will watch and root for you for sure.

Thanks, I haven’t heard anything yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Michael, are you doing this for prestige, money or what?
Since you have no “professional” experience, I’m concerned it could be your first AND last fight.

IMO, I would also think (not really knowing for sure) there’s not a way a responsible fighting association’s gonna let you get in the “cage” with a seasoned champ at this level.

Merry Christmas dude, hope you are still seeing your kids allot. :slight_smile:
Are you still living in the motel?


I want to eventually fight my hardest to have a shot at 1 of the titles. You are right, it could very well be my first and last fight. I fought in the army and was only defeated by 1, who was a friend of mine.

I am not expecting to have a title match my first fight. It could take a couple of years. Unfortunately, yes I’m still in a motel for now. I’ve got several options for 2015.

Thanks for the concern

I'm going to do it.jpg

I need to be mentally and physically ready for war . This is not a joke to me.

That’s like 2.5 hours from me. It might be worth the drive to see you get your face pounded :wink:

Well, here we go. Wish me luck that I can get my foot in the door.

Robert Ashbury reply to me.JPG


  If I can ever get my foot in the door, I'm going to train my but off. If I'm ever able to fight, I'll let you know. I'd be honored that a Marine like you and an InterNACHI brother, would come to see me get my face ponded. I know that they have fights in Lynchburg and Virginia Beach, as well.


I have been awarded a possible chance, at a future shot at a championship match.

  • Michael Altizer - I am interested in your cage fighting. I would like to fight for a championship in the near future. I am 41 years old, and if my age will not disqualify me, then I would like information on how I could fight for one of your titles.

Robert Asbury - What is your record?

  • Michael Altizer - Robert, As of today, my record is 0/0. I’ve had plenty of fights from street fighting to fighting in the United States Army. I just have never fought professionally, inside of a cage. I’m hoping that you can help to change that. I am 41 years old and if my age doesn’t stop me from fighting, then I want a chance to show you that I can fight. After you see that I’m well rounded in the martial arts and get some fights under my belt, I’d like a shot at 1 of the titles. I understand that it may take years to accomplish a shot at the title. Can you please tell me if I could fight being 41 years old and if I can, then can you point me in the right direction?

  • I’m very serious about this and understand all of the risks.

Robert Asbury - I have a 43 year old that fights.

  • Michael Altizer -
    How do I get started Robert? What does my record have to be for a Championship match / How many fights do I need for a shot at the title?

**Robert Asbury - Probably 3-4 fights and a winning record. Really depends on the weight division. There is a really good place to train in blacksburg called team mannon. At least 3 bjj black belts.

  • So everyone, I have decided to step up my game and start training in Gracie / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, is no joke. I am a white belt right now under Gracie / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, because I have never received an official belt, my rank is UN-VERIFIED. I’m going to train hard and hopefully get some positive numbers for my fighting record. If all goes well, I should have my blue belt around 2 years from now. I’ll be 43-44 years old and will issue 1 of the champions, a challenge for his Title.

I am taking this serious. I’ll keep you guys posted and if I get a fight promotion, I’ll have it recorded and posted on you tube with a link for you all to watch.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt System.png

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt System.png

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt System.png

Team Mannon Brazilion Jiu-Jitsu.png

Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.png

Wondering if you have fallen off a ladder recently??? Lol… Chase your dreams man… We only live once… And maybe only till our dream is realized…:slight_smile:

Actually George, I almost fell off a ladder in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, earlier this year. I forget what month it was, I think March or April.


 I noticed that you're from Kentucky. Do you know: long time InterNACHI member and Kentucky Home Inspector Erby Crofutt? He is a great man and had taught me a few things on another message board years ago. I worked in Williamson West Virginia / Williamson Kentucky, when I was in my early 20's, doing construction work and Bio-Remediation.

Your age is a big factor in MMA. I box. I’m almost 53. In 2013 I lost 11 fights in row, and not because I wasn’t trying hard enough. I also played contact football for 40 years. Yes, 40 years. Finally had to quit because of age. Boxing with 16 ounce gloves and headgear is much safer. Take up boxing or tennis Mike. That’s what I did when I got old.


    You've always steered me in the right direction. I can still practice Jiu-Jitsu and train hard to stay healthy. I will probably reconsider fighting and concentrate more on being a Home Inspector. Thanks for the advice.