NACHI about to give away a new Jeep Wrangler.

I’ve worked out an agreement with a major industry vendor to offer another vehicle… this time a 2006 Jeep Wrangler SE.

I’ll have all the details and information on how to register to win a couple days.

I know this message board is mainly educational and informational… but all work and no play makes NACHI members dull boys.


Can anyone win this one, or do we have to travel thousands of miles across country and attend a conference to be eligible?

Adam, A Plus

I don’t know yet, sponsor deciding what to do.

Don’t knock the traveling thousands of miles thing too much. A couple weeks ago I was at a NACHI Chapter meeting in Denver eating with the NACHI Colorado President and the NACHI Denver President. Anyway, the NACHI member to my right went on and on in front of all of us about how he took 17 courses at the NACHI Convention! He broke down all his expenses (including tavel costs), divided them by 17 and told us it was the best educational cost/hour ratio anywhere in the history of the industry. It was about the most heart-warming thing that I ever heard come from a bean-counting member. I was speechless.

Not knocking it. Just the reality that my one man shop doesn’t allow me the luxury of galavanting across country. I would bet i’m not alone. I need to work to make a living after having lost some years to multiple knee surgeries and can’t afford the time off. Basically, i need to vacuum up everything that comes my way.

Seems to me the members that are geographically closest to the event or are the most financially secure to allow them the luxury of the time off, are the ones that would have the opportunuty to qualify for the free ‘ride’. Those that they may not benefit from it as much are those working week to week to pay there bills, run their businesses, and support their families. In short, the ones that could most benefit from the opportunity may be the ones least likely to get the chance.

Adam, A Plus

Hi Nick,
Haven’t you seen the window sticker on a wrangler that says
“silly boys jeeps are for girls” !!!
I have always wanted a jeep, sign me up!!

I’m gonna hold out for a Hummer. :wink:

No really. Sign me up anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gee Adam I am a one man shop too.
I came from Brighton Ontario about 1,500 miles from Florida.
I met about ten other Canadians there one from B.C. about 3,000 miles from me.
I too have attended many education classes and was well pleased with the NACHI one .
I also feel it was the best return for my money.
If you wish to win I feel education is a great help and the better you are to be tops in your area.
I regularly attend other NACHI functions many over 4 hours from my home.
Why not join John Bowman and I at the South Western Ont meeting March 18 later this month .
Your money is worth more up here.
Roy Cooke …

A Happy NACHI Member…

I agree it’s worth the travel. Things are turning the corner for me and I’ll be able to afford to go to these things to properly represent my Chapter.


As always, you are my hero…

Honestly though, where in respect to the Peace Bridge or Whirlpool brige is this meeting later in the month? And how far (time-wise) is it from either? That would be something i could afford to take in as long as i’m assured there will be no secret tapings. Thats the last thing i need should i run for mayor in 10 or so years and, out of nowhere come the ‘secret’ tapes, thereby foiling my run at local office.

Understood, pertaining to the education. Never stop aquiring all i can get my hands on. The trick is finding the time to get through it all.

Oh, and about the Jeep…

Adam, A Plus

We would love to see you there and any other of our US friends .
Thanks for the kind words sure appreciated . Roy Cooke .
I can send a map if needed .
[size=1]Summary: 76.0 miles (1 hour, 22 minutes)

9:00 AM
Depart near Brantford on Balmoral Dr (North)
0.3 mi

9:00 AM
Turn RIGHT (East) onto CR-23 [Power Line Rd]
0.8 mi

9:01 AM
Turn RIGHT (South) onto HWY-24 [King George Rd]
1.4 mi

9:04 AM
Take Ramp (LEFT) onto HWY-403
28.2 mi
HWY-403 / Hamilton
9:33 AM
Keep RIGHT onto Ramp
0.1 mi
Q.E.W. / Niagara / Fairview St. / Plains Rd.
9:33 AM
Take Ramp (LEFT) onto Qew [Queen Elizabeth Way]
2.6 mi
Q.E.W. / Niagara
9:36 AM
Road name changes to James N Allen Skyway Bridge [Qew]
2.9 mi

9:39 AM
Road name changes to Qew [Queen Elizabeth Way]
30.1 mi

10:09 AM
Road name changes to Garden City Skyway [Qew]
1.9 mi

10:11 AM
Road name changes to Qew [Queen Elizabeth Way]
1.5 mi

10:13 AM
At exit 37, keep LEFT onto Ramp
0.3 mi
HWY-405 / Queenston
10:13 AM
Road name changes to HWY-405
5.1 mi

10:18 AM
Keep RIGHT onto Local road(s)
0.5 mi
Niagara Parkway / Queenston
10:20 AM
Turn RIGHT (South) onto Niagara Pky
0.1 mi

10:20 AM
Turn LEFT (East) onto Local road(s)
0.2 mi

10:22 AM
Turn RIGHT (East) onto Local road(s)
131 yds

10:22 AM
Arrive Queenston-Lewiston Bridge

Driving distance: 76.0 miles
Trip duration: 1 hour, 22 minutes
Driving time: 1 hour, 22 minutes
Cost: $7.24


I already have a Jeep…But could always use one more…:slight_smile:


I grew up not far from Clarence. You’re right you need to pick up all the business you can. As far as I can tell, most Central New Yorkers can’t afford to repair the house their in much less buy a newer house (and pay more taxes).

However, I traveled 800 mi or so each way, was in class every day Sat through Wednesday. Let’s see, that amounts to close to 38 hours of cont. ed. and not a moment wasted.


Adam, do you have a chapter near you?
If not, how many HI’s in your neck of the woods?
There’s no reason to feel totally left out; read the bottom line (in red) of my signature, below!

(Oh, and Nick, you can forget the plane fare; just give me the keys & the title, & I’ll find my way . . .)


Yeah Tim,

The tax rate just rose again to what, i think 8.5 percent. They project the property taxes to go up 30 percent or so this year to cover for this, and the Medicaid mess.

I’m surprisingly busy for this time of the year, but with this going on locally and the smoke and mirrors at the federal level, you really are afraid to take time off as who knows when the phone may stop ringing. We also have our share of $225.00 inspectors.

I definitely will try to attend the local meetings when able.

Adam, A Plus


Don’t hold your breath WF

Boy you sure are a grouch lately Tony. Maybe you need a Hummer? :wink:

There she goes again . . .