Openings in Chimney in the Attic

Hey Guys-

Anyone have an idea on why they would have put these openings on the chimney in the attic? The chimney had 4 flues: 2 for separate fireplaces and 1 for the furnace/water heater. I wasn’t able to tell what the fourth one was for and why they would have it open to the attic. From the outside, it’s the flue at the top of the picture. Thanks.


Maybe future flue plans or to assist mounting the clay tile liners?

Recommend re bricking.

Probably for the same reason they ran the rafters through the chimney and failed to provide a cricket on the roof. :mrgreen::slight_smile:

Why not let the chimney help support the rafters…they probably thought it was a genius idea.

Do you write up lack of cricket? I looked closely because I figured there was a good chance of water penetration there but it was all dry.

I’ve see similar openings used for combustion air for the fireplace.

It does need a cricket, for sure.

Who built that thing? In Canada, there must be a solid mass of masonry at least 12" thick between a chimney flue and any wood framing being supported by the chimney.

Hopefully, the flue with the opening is not being used…it does not have a full liner.


(Side note)

Do you always traverse snow covered wood shingle roofs??? Man, you’re just asking for trouble. Too dangerous. Stay safe!!!


Bread oven. Write it up for missing a door.


I brought my sled along that way if I started to slip I’d just jump on that and have a fun slide off the roof :wink: . Only half of it had snow…I climbed up the dry side.


Funny guy! :smiley:

Wasn’t sure of your experience, and if you are a newer inspector, didn’t want you to fall (no pun intended) into the trap thinking that you **must **traverse all roofs, as some would like you to think. Safety first!!! :wink:

From what I can see of picture 3, there appears to be some type of a cricket looking at the flashing along the edge with the snow.
Flashing stepped higher in the center of the chimney.

Good observation Joe.
You are correct, that is why the flashing is step up in the brick coursing.

Good eye for a young fella. :mrgreen::wink:

I think you are right.

Still, I don’t like what appears to be a seam in the aluminum (?) flashing just below and parallel to the ridge…not much overlap…poor design.