Shysters working every angle

Again and again

Booked a roof inspection next week client stated new shingles had been installed recently and is now leaking. Contractor stated he would not make repairs unless he has more money as the leak is the result of the recent earth quake. ??? We shall see

Result of earthquake? We don’t get those around here but it seems to me like it would take a good amount of structural movement to cause the roof covering the separate that much.

What’s he going to say if you document improper install? Sounds like the buyer is setting up for litigation. Be sure to dot your i’s and cross your t’s on this one.

I agree with Vince. When I am doing just a roof inspection I will take many more pictures than a normal inspection. Everything that is written in the report is well thought out and according to SOP not according to code. If you mention anything to do with according to code you are in for litigation for sure.
THINK, CHECK for reference and then WRITE.

That is why I agreed to take this job he will sue the contractor if repairs are not completed I like these kind of jobs not my first Rodeo:D:D

Are you serious? Roofers in CA would love to use that line :smiley:

My roof has survived two major earthquakes and countless minor ones. Other than replacing a few broken tiles, I have had no issues - even when we had 10 inches of rain in a 7 hour period.

If your roof is leaking after an earthquake, you’ve got bigger issues - you’ve likely got some serious structural damage.

my thoughts exactly, Jeff, from Hurricane Alley Port St. Lucie, FL.

Charley, kick that roofer’s ***!

Did a technical exhaustive for a client.I brought the roofer on the site to here him speak only.
I knew he had little experance.
PS: Roofer recomended by a leading HI.
Everytime he opened his mouth I saw what little experance he really had.
When I obtained my license there was one question about shingle roof. How to start.
3/12 with no step flashing on firewall or vertical seperation wall. Revirsed the flashing and copping laps for water tight tin.
All the water driven into the flashings and copping at the start of the roof plane.
14 pages.



Can someone tell me what is wrong with photo 3.
I will tell you if you are right or not. Good teaching tool.:slight_smile:

Mr Pope the heck with your roof surviving those natural events.
Its your family’s safety I would worry about.
Thinking of moving? HA HA HA.
All joking aside. Seriously!:eek:

I lived out of this state for about 7 years, having been relocated for various construction projects. I’ll take earthquakes and wild fires over any other natural disaster. It’s part of life here in CA.

Fortunately, and despite all of the devastation produced, no one I know (personally) has ever been seriously injured in a quake or wild fire.

#3 the paper should be under the drip / edge flashing on the side?

I looked at the quake damaged roof today (Cough Cough) improper flashing creating leaks on both sides of the roof long before the Okla quake arrived deck was rotted as viewed from within the attic Contractor installed new shingles over rotted decking

2751 N Pleasantview Newkirk 11-22-11 007.jpg

2751 N Pleasantview Newkirk 11-22-11 004.jpg

poor roofer just trying to make a buck


One buck is ok its when a roofer attempts double dipping is the problem;-):wink:

Sorry Carl. Been working long hours.

There doesn’t appear to be a starter course up the rake edge.

That’s one. :slight_smile:
No starter strip.

Are you saying the paper should be over the side flashing?

Thought I saw somewhere that it was to be under it.

First is drip-edge, then a membrane. Can be LB> felt or ice shield as in the photo. Most commonly used brand-name in Quebec is Grace.
#3 the paper should be under the drip / edge flashing on the side?
The eave and rake had no starter course.
The flashing drip is applied first around the perimeter of the deck.
That is ice shield. Sticks to the deck like a band-aid to your skin.
Sorry Carol. Wrong photo.

Mr. Bottger
Look at phot 007jpg. The second photo from the left.
The chimney vent protrusion.
A attic leak waiting to happen.
If that is where the shingle butt ends are located it will allow weather infiltration.

Post #18.

The illustration above is the proper method of applocation…

In the photo the drip is under the membrane up the gable ends.
His lapping of materials is not uniform. Not butting on the start lines. Wide sporadic uneven gapping in materials. Metal cuts that are not cut at proper angles and reversed lapping that is not sealed with caulk.
Sorry mind is on closing the facade company Carol.
I am also exhausted from the weeks of working HI’s and facade company.
Out of shape. Sorry all.
#3 the paper should be under the drip / edge flashing on the side?
Yes Carol.:slight_smile: