Post and Beam connection

Is it acceptable to connect post and beam in a crawlspace with scrap OSB as opposed to simpson ties?
Seems at the least to be less desirable as the OSB is much more likely to suffer deterioration from moisture, but i don’t want to make a big deal of it if it’s an acceptable building practice.

This set up is acceptable in many parts of the country, but it really depends on a couple other factors.

Is this a retrofit? If so, this would likely be acceptable as an “upgrade” to the support system.

Are you in a seismic zone or high-wind zone? This type of connection is not acceptable in CA new construction. We are in SDC D1 & D2 throughout most of the state. High-wind zones also require listed hardware.

We’re in Portland, OR and the seismic requirements ehre are always changing, but we are in a seismic zone.
This is new construction, not a retrofit.