Post blocks and beam pocket

How many blocks above a post are acceptable and how would they properly fasten the post to the beam with blocks?

Another question about a beam pocket in the same home. Was too short and sitting on 2 questionable blocks. I realize we just identify the defect but I am curious what the appropriate fix would be.

Thanks for any info.

They probably blocked the columns to keep the screw from being more than 3" though a longer column would be better I don’t see a problem and a longer one might have been to long, other than that it looks like the blocks are not secured as well the columns and that is a problem. The beam pocket looks like it was a cut out hack job. If its really bad drill it, pin it with re-bar and acrilic then a quick set mortar. I have always seen and done steel shims never wood so I am not really sure about that.

Thanks for the info Kenneth. Yes that pocket was certainly a hack job. I appreciate the info on possible repair technique…always trying to learn something.

The post needs to be secured to the beam.

Drill and Lag post plate to beam, 2 places here. Beam bearing could be easily fixed with a 2x8 tapconed into the wall down to floor at that end and a angle plate screwed to beam. Bearing is on wall now and holding but suspect over time as the pocket is sketchy, additional bearing tied into wall will keep everything in place.

Thanks for the ideas of repair Bruce.