Posted with permission: An Inside Story about Mike Holmes Inspections.

Nichol Piniak <>
Dec 20 (2 days ago)

To whom it may concern

Approximately 6 months ago I spoke with Mr. Nick Gromicko regarding an issue that began for me and my home just over a year ago.

I was distraught because a local company had launched a civil claim after I reached out to Mike Holmes for support. It seemed like a long shot, but logical since the local company is fully supported by Mike Holmes to the extent his image is on all their printed material and vehicles.

A year ago exactly, an individual claiming to be Mike Holmes used Facebook Messenger to contact me. We believed we were going to be supported or compensated for the bad work. I had posted an image and story on Mike’s FB Page. I was instructed to contact and follow up with his Make It Right Team along with a heartfelt apology for the work.

Several weeks lapsed and we felt we were just disregarded. We were shocked one day in January to receive a civil claim for an adjusted amount of the bad work. We have never had a legal matter and are in no position to fight one. Regardless I utilized all avenues available and prepared to show the facts of what happened. The local company had acquired the services of a Court Agent. He embarked on a shaming and abusive avenue that lead us to install security around our home and he placed berating phone calls that were demeaning. At the Calgary Court I received information from the mediation department that the Agent had a past history and restraining orders placed for similar behavior. They admitted there was no avenue for reporting the man or making him accountable for what he was doing. At every turn it felt like a path walked by average people like myself.

It was apparent there was collusion between the Mike Holmes corporation, his local company and the Court Agent. They asserted games and pressure for the purpose of hurting us financially. I prepared thoroughly and tried to remain optimistic. In the end the company proposed I delete the 2 online rreviews I had created in exchange for dropping the claim. I eventually broke down and accepted the deal even though I knew I was being bullied.

I am extremely unsettled over what happened. I would very much like some justice and to expose this corruption buy am terrified. All it took was a few words and couple bad pictures to bring on this life altering event. We paid financially, emotionally and were bullied into deleting honest and factually events to protect Mike’s company and reputation.


Nichol Piniak


Vague story.

Hard story to follow but I would believe it.

I’m not taking any side but there are always two sides to the story. Many of you had to deal with hard to please clients who will use review sites to get what they want. I read the stories here all the time and have Mr. Cohen send them a letter. Mike’s got a large corporation and brand to protect. The other day I was on yelp and saw an inspector with a terrible review, when I clicked on the user who left the review I saw that it was all they did, complaint about everything from restaurants to kids birthday place.

Two sides to every story. Sometimes even three. I don’t know why Nick felt compelled to post this.

Because it affects his ability to sell more Porch “memberships”…total scam and a stain on the industry, IMHO.


Very vague story. No facts just innuendos.

See lots of whiny babies in the past 35 yrs. Some real, some try to social media threaten you to get their way I’d hammer them myself if I was the person they were trying that with UNLESS it was real.

Keep us posted Nick.
Love to see Mike Holmes revealed.

Total hogwash. Reminds me of those Nigerian email scams we get from time to time.

We also have to remember that Mike Holmes isn’t a home inspector. He just plays one on TV.

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