Potential Search Engine Optimization/Marketing Class...

Hey folks,

I’m in talks with someone from a local search engine marketing firm that I’ve seen do some really great SEM and SEO in a couple of fields. He’s said he’d be willing to teach a SEO course for our members if there’s enough interest. How many of you would be interested in taking such a class.

Basically, he would cover a number of search engine optimization techniques and cover a few search engine marketing techniques (you’d learn the difference in the class :slight_smile: ). The class would be about an hour long, run over the internet and teleconferenced. **So as long as you have an internet connection and a separate phone line you’d be able to participate **(or a good broadband connection and a microphone). The course would include some sort of hand-out at the end.

Let me know,

I would.

I’d try it.


me too.

Sounds good to me.


Sign me up for the second class.

I’d attend

Sounds great Chris

Depends on date and time and what’s needed for a good connection, but most likely I’d want to join in.

**Yes I **

Sounds good to me.

Sounds good to me.

Count me in!!!

I’m interested.