Volunteers for an SEO Project

We are testing a way to help our members build their local search citations, and we’re looking for 2-3 volunteers who will work with us to submit their information to ~75 local directories.

I’ll do most of the work, but may need your help from time to time getting the information that I need and checking for emails.

Count me in. Thanks.

I would be interested in working on this. I do need to complete my new site but that can be done by weeks end.

Count me in

My site is relatively new…I would be interested…

I’m in…

I’m game.

Sounds like you have all you need, but if there is room for one more…I would love to be part of this.

I’ll play if you need one more. San Diego area is a tough market to crack.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered, I’ll be in touch with a few of you today. If you don’t hear from me, we’re doing very early tests right now but may need more volunteers down the road so I’ll do another round when the time comes.

Ill join in on the next round, thanks Savannah

Count me in for the next round.

I’m interested too, there is hundreds of inspectors in my area to try to stand out from.

Count me in for round 2!

in for round #2

I want in too. Every little bit helps.������

I was #3 on the list but haven’t heard anything yet?

Whats the latest …?

Never heard anything?

I responded to several of her request for information and promptly supplied what was asked of me …but haven’t heard anything for months.??