Potential stucco issue? Or not?

What are your thoughts on the stucco on this house? Up close, you see some small “crack like patterns.” Yes, stucco is porous and can dry differently. Is this just how it dried or is this a potential issue?

what is the subject property zip code?
this will help with any responses
i could ass-u-me a number of issues but won’t for obvious reasons

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It’s 07436 and it’s a hard coat system.

hi Matt, thanks for the requested info
based on your location freeze-thaw will deteriorate what is seen further, stucco does not self-heal

i can only advise you research the very best stucco inspector available regardless of fee & let them on-site evaluate further

Thanks Barry,

The stucco finish was recently applied. What is the likely culprit?

while i’d like to provide a definitive answer too many variables & i can’t/don’t inspect from a single photo
get a pro out there asap to make your case