Stucco Advice

Can anyone take a look at this stucco? It looks mottled and swirled with fine cracks in it. Is this simply a style of stucco application? Has anyone seen this before? Any advice or input is appreciated.


Do you have any pictures?

Here’s a link to a picture of the stucco:


The picture was blurry. There are many different types of stucco. There are many that have a ‘mottled’ look to them. Without knowing what product was used and what color it is supposed to be it would be difficult to judge if the finish was a mistake or intentional.

Impossible to tell anything from that pict. If you have high quality photos feel free to send them to me in the best quality you can and I’ll have a look. I have 20+ years stucco contracting under my belt. Good Luck. Where is the home located?