Powder post beetle damage

Inspection on a 125 year old house. There is wood destroying insect damage in one corner of the basement. I found no evidence of existing insects. The home had holes the size of termite treatment holes in the siding but they were only under the windows. In addition the holes had vented plugs. Is anyone familiar with these plugs? At what point do we recommend pest contractor to further evaluate and treat if no visible insects?

Looks like a local/spot treatment was performed.
Was this in the same area of the damage you observed?
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Anytime you see indications of WDO’s

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The spot treatments were under all the windows around the home. The damage was limited to one corner of the home.

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Evidence of wood destroying insect damage observed, suspected evidence of previous wood destroying insect treatment was also observed.
**Recommend a qualified contractor’s further evaluation for scope of repairs/costs.
**Owner should disclose further including if there is an active control warranty.


There’s nothing more than I can say what Marc has already stated… nothing!

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Thanks guys, any help is appreciated. The direction given by the Indiana State Chemist office is pretty unclear on when we should, and should not recommend a higher authority.