Power from where?

I will admit I’m mildly illiterate on the internal workings inside of the box for the power meter. I see that I at one time had three meters on this box possibly four. However at this time there’s only one. Based upon the configuration of wiring, which is all wrong, I have three different panels going into the meter box. A 70 amp panel a 100 amp panel and a 30 amp panel. I do not see any bars tying together the electrical inside of the covers where another meter head would be. Can all three of these panels be tied together inside this one meter?

Is there power on all panels?

I put my non-contact voltage detector in there and it went off and each panel so it appears the wires are hot.

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Based on your assumption, I would assume they are connected inside the meter can. Something you do not need to concern yourself with.

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The 30 amp disconnect is double lugged to the top of the 70 amp disconnect.

Nope that double lug is for another 40 amp panel below the 70 amp. I kind of thought that’s what was going on until I pulled the cover and there’s no wires going all the way through the meter

Cory, I’m doing the best I can from god knows how far away and I’m 5 Jameson’s into my weekend. :wink:
All I can tell you is I see a double lug on top of the 70 amp disconnect and you stated there was a 30 amp panel besides the 100 and 70 amps panels. That’s all I’ve got for you brother. Lmaoooo

No worries. It’s a jumbled mess and easy to be confused.

I’ve just never seen 3 different panels fed off the same meter.

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You should see it often on larger residential homes with two main disconnect panels adjacent to the meter. (I see it often when there is a finished basement that is as big as a residence, lol)

As @dandersen mentions, running these panels parallel with the meter all happens inside the meter. Not something we evaluate. But I suspect there is an unlimited number of panels you can parallel provided the meter is rated for the amperage and configured with enough lugs.

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the 70 amp and the 100 amp really didn’t raise my interests but I got very curious when I realized the 30 amp came from the meter as well

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