power vent boiler in garage

I’m concerned about the location of a Burnham PVG4A boiler that is Powered vented(inducer fan) through the side wall in a garage.
All the venting is proper but what I want feedback is that the boiler is located in a garage. States in boiler manual ’ Do Not operate where gasoline or flammable vapors are used stored "
There is no specific installing in a ‘garage’ that is prohibited, BUT doesnt a powered vented boiler still pull air in from the room its contained in and the inducer fan forces it out through a metal vent - negating a chimney. It’s not like a Direct vent where the combustion air comes from outside directly.
Just seems like a garage is not proper.

And NO it doesnt have any safety pillars- which I pointed out to buyer already.

It seems like the above bolded/underlined speaks for itself, no?

My garage hasnt seen anything reminiscence of a garage such as cars, gas, paints. Only every kid toy imaginable. 😖.
But i know what you mean, goin to give them my warning but i cant believe the garage is not specified as a Prohibited spot by mfg or codes.

Tell your clients they can only park a Tesla in the garage.

Sounds like a fire waiting to happen. Definitely write this up.