Vent on a boiler

I saw a boiler vent that terminated right outside the basement wall today, it was a power vent and I’m thinking this is acceptable. Can anyone clarify this for me please? Thanks!!

It may be acceptable but if you post the make and model you may get some help. Otherwise, you can Google the installation instructions for that particular unit and find out for yourself. :slight_smile:

What Larry said…

It can also depend on the location as well as the instructions. If the vent is to low to draft or is in a high wind area (aimed into the wind) it can cause blow back and poor ventilation causing the vent not to draft properly and CO back into the living area. If the manufacturers instruction allows this type of instalation I would still check the draft for safety and peace of mind.

Are there any openable doors or windows in proximity of that vent?

How close is the adjacent property to that vent?

Would be nice if you fill out your profile location.

Would be nice if you provided a photograph. Yes boilers do discharge on the outside of the building. Nothing says it has to go through the roof.