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To All
This is my first post to the NACHI message board.This message could be of intrest to you if you would like some practical hands on experiance.On November 5 I am presenting a course between 8AM and 5PM in Uxbridge.The course is comprised of 2 hours of introduction,[ writing -tools required etc.] 3 hours for an actual on site home inspection.3+ hours of discussion about your inspection findings.You will be required to fill out a report and submit it at the end of the day.[inspection reports will be included in course fee] The course will include a critique of your report writing skills.You will recieve my comments in the mail.If you are interested or have questions please call my office at 1-800-565-7606
Thank You
Charters Kenny
Home Inspector Training
PS The fee for the course is 145 dollars tax included also included is a money back committment if you are unhappy with the course.

Let me be one of the first to congratulate you on this initiative. Field training along with the theory component is winning combination for practical experience of conducting a home inspection. Offerings like you present here are definitely beneficial to all - even the experienced!
Cheers, Claude

Who are you?What qualifies you to do this?Are you a member NACHI-OAHI?
Are you RHI? CMI?


I agree 100% with your statement,only if the person giving instruction is qualified!

Good statement unfortunatly there are soe many classes taking so much money from so many who will never become home inspectors .
Knowing Charters he has more knowledge in this industry then 99 % of those who do teach.
This sort of class is so much more important then all the rest of the courses put together in my mind.
Hope it goes well and Charters and his helpers see how great NACHi is and join like many other OAHI members are doing .
Welcome to our BB Chartes please feel free to ask, give and take with rest of us.
I expect you could be surprised in how well all help all.

This BB is the best

Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member.


You know him,We don’t.I would think it would be a good business practice to say what your qualifications are before you post a class offering!

I just phoned to register and was redirected to Brian Daily. I thought I read something about him on one of the posts, I could be wrong. Could you enlighten me Ray or Roy.

Gerry Pallotta

I have a problem with the statement that we will be required to submit a report at the end of the inspection. I do my reports on computer and as such could not submit at the end of the class. I do not believe that check box reports are acceptable as a reporting system and would not use one in my business. A lot of thought and research goes into my reports and I include all the pictures I take in the report and on a cd given to the client. This training will do nothing for me, personally so, thanks but no thanks.

At $145.00 a pop somebody is making a ton of money. You can all come to Brantford and do an inspection on my house and I will do exactally the same thing for you for no money. My place is a 100+ year old home with all the inherent problems found in a structure of it’s age along with just about every type of foundation known to man. The roof is pooched, the grading is negative in most places and the basement, lets just say a river runs through it.


My concern was that Brian Dailey is on the PR committee in OAHI.
I have major concerns about how the PR is operating and suspending members rights to access the OAHI based forum known as the CAFE.

I was told by Mr. Charters that Mr. Daley has resigned his spot on the PR committee, as you can see on the above link this is not quite true. If Mr. Daley has resigned as suggested, then OAHI has a duty as a self regulating body to ensure the accuracy of info on its website and Mr. Daley should ensure his name is removed after all its a publicly assessible site. I have filed a complaint with OAHI in regards to actions carried out by the PR committee for their collective actions under the directorship of Mr. Gerry Quackenbush. I am not going to be suspended on trumped up charges by the likes of these zealots. And for the record Mr. Quackenbush has long been a detractor of Nachi, along with others on the PR committee. If Mr. Daley has indeed resigned then he had better be sure the info OAHI is promoting is accurate. I have yet to receive any form of reply as to my complaint to the DPPC ever in regards to my suspension.

OAHI is on record as not wanting or tolerating dual memberships or anything to do with Nachi period.

I am sick and tired of members of OAHI sponging off the backs of Nachi when they can’t even bothered becoming a member, let alone that their own associations business is out of order and they say nothing! They are not part of the solution but part of the problem.


You sound like the shoe maker with holes in his shooes!


I just rent the place and the landloard is aware of the problems.

Some one said $145:00 is a ton of money . another comment was this training will do nothing for me .
I personally do not know how good or bad this course is .
I do know I have taken many courses over the years and except for the NACHI courses I sure paid a lot more then $145:00 for any .( the cheapest was $300:00) (the most expensive was $495:00) for one day
I can not say I ever took any course that I did not learn from.
All training has made me a better inspector every time .
The unfortunate thing is too many Home Inspectors do not continue to get as much training as they need.
I also do know I has sat many hours with Charter and just listened and soaked up much information that has helped me many times over the years.
Another comment was (I do not believe that check box reports are acceptable as a reporting system ) so strange a statement as I believe that there are more Reports done on Check list then any computer generated system .
I also believe they have been more court cases lost on computer generated system then have been on check list systems.
I learned on a check list and guess will die on a check list .
yes I do have an computer system.
I to have been doing inspections longer the some others .
I to have big concerns with OAHI and the way they treat NACHI
I removed the post I had put on for this course after learning one was a OAHI director .
Told he is no longer hope this is true .
( My concern was that Brian Dailey is on the PR committee in OAHI.…=73&content=26
I have major concerns about how the PR is operating and suspending members rights to access the OAHI based forum known as the CAFE. )
I have no hate for any home Inspector just complete distrust for OAHI and those who run the Association

Roy Cooke … A Happy NACHI member

If you follow these tips you will reduce your risk substantially.

Here they are…

  1. The report identifies a problem condition, but NOT its significance or

  2. The report understates the significance or meaning of a problem condition.

3.The inspector verbally dilutes the significance or meaning of a problem
condition identified in the report.

4.The report fails to suggest that the client retain an expert to more fully evaluate a problem condition.

  1. The report fails to identify a limitation which prevents or hinders a more thorough inspection of an area.

  2. The inspector does not obtain a signed contract from the client.

  3. The inspector presents the contract for the first time immediately before the actual inspection.

  4. The contract does not contain a limit of liability provision.

  5. The contract does not identify what services are being offered and excluded.

Regardless what report one uses, computer generated or not, if you are not relaying the info, you need to improve your reports in my opinion.

Larry I agree with you, why would someone pay this fee. Sounds again like vendors trying again to get NACHI members money, especially in poor taste when not even a member. Mmmm maybe also trying to sell their own reporting system also. Hope not to many fall for this, been there.

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.


I’m not sure I understand this point

  1. The inspector presents the contract for the first time immediately before the actual inspection.

That is usually when I do it since that is the time I’m meeting the client usually for the 1st time. Do you mean immediately AFTER the actual inspection?

No Lawyers have all told us a contract presented after the inspection is not much use in protecting you the HI in Court .
It must be presented and signed before you say one word about the home .
If By chance my client is late I never even acknowledge the home until the contract is signed .
Roy Cooke

Actually I have been presenting the contract after I complete the inspection, and have a limit of liability in my contract.

Also see the court case I posted yesterday about limitation of liability.

I would strongly suggest that if you have a website you place your contract on the site. You can always refer your client to the site. I tell them the same contract as on the site will be presented at the inspection.

Hello Mr. Charters Looking foward to your e-mail. Like I said I’m looking for some first hand experience in the home inspection industry. I’m not an experienced inspector…just a newbie! let me know who to make the cheque out too.