Practice inspection finds

I was out yesterday doing a practice inspection and found this

any comments on this? I want to see if everyone said the same thing I did.
Also found this in the attic[ATTACH][/ATTACH]
Not sure why anyone would think this is ok

I think it would be more productive for you to post the photo with your explanation of what you see along with your mock report description and ask for feedback on that.

Welcome Scott.
Pic #2 may show evidence of wood destroying beetles.
I tried to enlarge it but still cannot make a definitive call.
Please consider what Chuck said to you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input. 1st photo: Frayed/deteriorated sheathing on service entrance wires. Before meter, recommended contacting utility company to replace. 2nd photo: plumbing vent pipe terminating in attic space. Recommend plumbing or roofing contractors to extend plumbing vent through roof.

You should let them know why it’s a defect and/or any repercussions. Also, the wire will likely need replaced by an electrician, which will have to contact the utility for meter base opening/connection.

^yep. The descriptions look good. Consider letting them know why it’s a defect and the implications of it so that they’ll be better equipped to prioritize any defect repairs.