Practice Inspection

This picture shows two windows on second floor which shows possible water damage to wood trim around both. Upon further inspection, water proofing around windows have signs of deterioration, probably allowing water to penetrate wood trim.

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I recently received a call from a homeowner with concerns of possible leaks in her home. I had inspected this home 3 months prior and found no leak deficiencies. I went to the home and found that she had already replaced all the windows in the home and the damaged floor. At first she reported that no plumbing work was done since my initial inspection and that she felt the windows had been leaking. Upon interviewing the onsite contractors and inspecting the home, I noticed that substancial Mechanical, Electrical and plumbing upgrades had taken place. Also the new plumber onsite reported that the original plumber was unlicensed and that he has made numerous corrections to the plumbing system.

Upon thermal inspection of the home I did find a ice maker water supply line that had an unsoldered joint, with wet drywall and mold inside the wall cavities. Also after thermal imaging I did find a leaking mixing valve upstairs. Without a thermal camera I would have missed this leak.