Pray for them.

I was teaching a CE class, today, for our Chapter. We did it at a local motel conference room.

When it was over, the Chapter Pres and a member were helping me carry out the stuff.

Coming in the front door was an older man, pushing a wheel chair with a camo Alice Pack in it.

Behind him was a young man, in cut-offs and a red Marine tee-shirt.

Both his legs were the new, titanium prostetics. He walked with a cane (for support) and a longer, red tipped white cane (for blindness, which I later noticed).

As he came in, I called out “Semper Fi”. He answered, “Hoah!”.

I want up to him, put my hand on his shoulder and told him “Thanks for your service. My Daughter is a plebe at the Academy.”

He responded, “No Sir! Tell her I said thanks. And, thank you, Sir, for raising her.”

I cried all the way home.

Please, pray for these exceptional young people.

We live in the BEST damned country in the entire world.
Those who have never been in combat will never know the hardships and the DAILY sacrifices that our young Men and Women make.

And like this Brave young man some make sacrifices that are “seen” and will last a lifetime.
Others have wounds that remain “unseen” but are just as deadly and last just as long.

I Pray for them two to three times each and every day.

My Daily Prayer…

Almighty God I ask that you please bless our American servicemen and women. Most especially those in Iraq and Afghanistan and those serving in other countries where people would seek to harm them.

I ask that you give them courage, faith, peace in their hearts, peace of mind, clarity of vision, clarity of mind and quick physical reactions.

May God Bless them All!

great prayer Frank…thanks…jim

They ALL deserve that and so much more…


You are so right…i remember being that scared Kid once…in a machine room on a destroyer escort that had lost power drifting in a mine field in Cuba…keep praying guys…

I am Speechless