Okay, I’m putting my “vendor” hat on. This info is being posted here because I haven’t posted a Webpage for it, yet.


Because I am a firm believer that having a Website template that looks exactly like 30 of your local competitors’ sites will do you more harm than good, I have decided to create something new for inspectors who are seeking to “upgrade” their Web presence without breaking the bank.

In short, I believe that if agents and consumers are browsing the Web only to see that your site looks and reads just like your local competitors’ sites, then they (the agents and consumers) will have no incentive to stay on your site to learn more about your business. In order to compete on the Web, you need to “look” competitive and have a Website that is capable of holding the consumer’s attention.

If you agree, keep reading…


I have created a fully-customizable template that is also fully-managed by professional designers. You cannot access a “login” to change elements of this template yourself, because professional will do it for you in order to help you maintain a professional appearance.

This template allows colors, graphics and text to be changed, so you can have a site that truly looks like you had it custom-built as opposed to one that looks like a “cheap template”.

I have just finished the “navy” themed template with more themes and colors to come shortly. This template is extremely modular, meaning, you will be able to interchange buttons and graphics as new “styles” are produced.

These templates will hosted on our servers so that we can better manage them. If you already own a domain name, you can keep it hosted with your current service provider and I will provide you with a URL redirect script (one line of code that tells your browser to redirect people who type-in your domain name to switch over to our site). Additionally, we will include a JavaScript in your template that will show your domain name in the browser even while people are surfing our servers. Nonetheless…

Bear in mind that this template system is NOT like Grassfrog, and thus, its pricing structure and features cannot be compared to Grassfrog. You will not have an interface to change your text or other features. That must be done by us. The trade-off is that you will get FULL SERVICE plus a more unique-looking and more-function site. Customization of this template can take five hours up to several days depending on what you require and how many clients we are serving.


A. Yes, we will be producing more color and design schemas than just navy blue. They are already in the works.

B. Yes, different schemas will have different home-page and header graphics.

C. Yes, you will be able to interchange home-page graphics and headers.

D. Yes, we can design fully-customized graphics for you at our $1 per minute rate (but we’ll provide you with enough options that you propably won’t need to do this).

E. Yes, we will provide you with Webmaster stats.

F. No, you may not drop our template on your server.

G. No, your graphic designer or Web-guy/gal may not have access to our servers.

H. Yes, you can add pages to this template at our $1 per minute rate (an NO, it won’t cost you an arm or a leg).

I. Yes, you can change your graphics schema at any time. Depending on the extent of the change, and whether or not we will have to modify graphics, a fee might apply. We’ll let you know ahead of time.

J. Yes, we have included ad space on this template so you can sell ads to local contractors who want to piggy-back on your marketing efforts.

K. Yes, we can plug-in a customizable message board, simple chat room, and simple guestbook for you. Customization will require the usual $1 per minute fee.

L. Yes, we can add your NACHI TV commercial or other multimedia to your site.

M. You only pay subDomain hosting and customizing, editing services after the first twelve months.

N. Each template comes with a customized referral rewards gift certificate.

O. Each template site includes two dynamically-updating pages (Resources and Home Tips) so content remains “fresh”.

P. Yes, if you want a custom jungle look that includes images of monkeys riding on the backs of elephants and buttons that look like leaves and bananas, we can make it happen for $1 per hour – unless its already a template module, then its not charge to change the template

Q. I am limiting the number of inspectors who can use this template to only a few per city based on population size of the metro area or county (for smaller towns). We are seeking to provide inspectors with uniqueness - not to saturate the market.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me at


(This sample combines basic element with some customized graphics and customized text. Remember, it is only a sample. Your needs may vary.)

John I think he was ease dropping on our last CMI meeting.

Everyone thinks I’m against you. But i just never thought you had any good ideas. UNTIL NOW! I think this one is right on.:smiley:

Spot on…

Looks good…

Yup, we better keep an eye on this guy… he just keeps coming.:wink:

Robert if you do that kind of work what do you think of Adoby Creative Suite

You don’t know me well enough to be “against” me. Everyone disagrees, though.

I think that there are many bad ideas out there, too. Many have made someone filthy rich while serving the population with products and services that consumers feel they need and want.

I’m doing the Electric Slide just thinking about how happy you are.

I’m just teasin’. I appreciate the kind comments.

Adobe makes overpriced products that are too difficult for the average user. Otherwise, I think they are wonderful. Though I own Adobe products, I rarely use them. Adobe graphics products are popular because Mac users made it that way (and most designers and Web developers are Mac users). Also, Adobe products are more stable than most. That’s important when working on a 50MB file for a $100,000 client. Like anything, it has its pros and cons. The price is a major joke compared to other products like CorelX3, a Canadian-owned graphic suite that is just as powerful as Adobe, costs hundreds less, and offers more features with greater ease-of-use.

I’ve yet to meet an Adobe designer who could finish a project faster than me when I’m using CorelDraw or Corel Photopaint. Oh, and I can import from, and export to, all Adobe file formats AND select the Adobe user interface if I want to reminisce.