Pre-cast stone over brick veneer

One was just done this way to hide the damaged brick and give the front of store a face lift.

See photo #2. The brick to the foundation is clearly visible. Builder (DR Horton) said it was that way all across the front of the home.

There is no transition. The brick goes to the foundation. Plain as day.

Thanks Joe! I will provide a picture when I get back in the office.

That’s insane. I can’t understand why a builder would waste that much labor and material.

Me either that is crazy I would not as a inspector take someone’s word on that my curiosity would kill me

That looks like a end cap to pretty up the stones rough ends

Then where does water that gets behind the brick weep to ?

acmv can be applied over other type siding materials with proper precautions
see image from MVMA

if op was a brick veneer atop acmv there would have to be a properly flashed continuous shelf angle installed to support the weight of the brick

i would advise proof of an engineer approved design for the mid-height shelf angle attachment to wood studs

rare around here: there’s a property down the road that i inspected that has an acmv front facade overlay atop the brick…i’ll get some pix posted as time allows
this was done 40+ years after original build with “no moisture intrusion issues” ir & moisture meter were used extensively

also have inspected brick houses that have had EIFS and stucco overlays applied
in the DFW market it’s not uncommon to see bricked/masonry properties that have prior expansive soils foundation issues to be painted brick or other means to disguise the exterior cladding damage

Absolutely amazing what is found out there I have never ran across anything even close to that

we need to get together again **Sooner **than later ;~))

That’s the problem Bob. IF weep holes and flashing were installed in the brick wall, they were covered.

Joe was this original construction or after the fact add on

New construction. Hadn’t gotten the CO yet. I sent a heads up to my building official buddy about this one. :smiley:

a few TX brick overlays using adhered concrete masonry veneer, stone look panels & stucco
these were done after foundation repairs to mask/cover all of the original brick veneer & mortar cracks






It’s beautiful Barry.