Pre listing report

I have a lady that has read my clients pre listing report and she is constantly calling me to ask questions on the report. I have not responded to her 100 calls as yet. Do you discuss pre listing reports with potential buyers that have read it???

Nope. She is not your client. Return her call and tell her you are not at liberty to discuss the report. That is my 2 cents.

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Ask your client the homeowner. They may want you to discuss your findings with the potential buyer

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I contacted the client and yes he wants me to discuss the report with any potential buyers.

Time is money. If you feel that this lady will be taking up a significant amount of your time you would not be wrong to charge for your consultation. You owe her nothing.


I would refer to The Reasons Why A Buyer needs to Get Their Own Independent Inspection done. and not be relying on a Subsequent Inspection that is 1 month old or even one day old. If the Seller wants you to talk to the potential buyer(s), This first is thing you should be informing them. And yes I agree with Bert Hull, You did not contract with your client to be their Agent, or see that their Home Sells. You contracted with a Client to serve in their best interest. You are no longer an independent and neutral party when you start talking to others involved in the transaction. (I believe the Brits would call it a “Sticky Wicket”. )

This could easily open a can of worms you don’t need to be involved in. The Seller can share “the report” all they want. But let the Report Stand by itself. If it is well written, The Information a buyer needs will all be there. If you say something additional to what was presented to your original client (in
The Report) and they feel you ran off a buyer…you may need to start eating that can of worms…For Free!

Sure you can field a few questions, but be careful.

If you do discuss it with her, be sure you make it clear that the report was based on the time you inspected it. Not today.