Predominant Roof Covering

Is anyone else getting requests for Permit date AND Installation date? Second one kicked back for this today.

I always list type of roof covering, date of installation, Permit application date if it is with 2 years of 94, or 01’. And permit number. I never have problems

You always have to list the date on the wind mitigation. Sometimes it is hard to find the permit if any. There are some services out there that help with finding permits. If you cant find but the roof looks 5 years old that is when you just fill in date of


I concur

I list the permit date if there is one to be found and the installation date - if no permit is found or not finaled. The report does say OR, not AND.

Where do you and how do you find this installation and permit date on roof covering, i have been doing research and can’t find anywhere that have it, no one in this forum or blog would tell any other inspector out there where exactly they look for this kind of information, nothing is helping here, this is for the south florida area.Do you really need to write down the exact date of the installation and permit? what if i can just made up the date?

If you do not put the proper date and/or the permit number most inspections will be re-inspected and the customer will loose the credit. If they loose the credit, they will owe the money for that year’s policy, even if it is the last month of the policy year.

Say you saved them $600, they paid less each month by $50. The next year they will owe that $50 each month plus the $50 dollars for the current year.

If they do not have proof of a new roof, then it does not meet the criteria of the form. You will only be causing more harm than good if you mark it does meet. Some insurance carriers MAY take your word, some take a receipt, but most want a permit.

Permit information can be found at the local building department having jurisdiction.

Yes, you have to get the date and permit number, especially if it is Citizens. If there is no proof of a PERMITTED roof replacement, you cannot give credit for meeting 2001 FBC as it could have been done by a handyman (cash only payment please). I know for Dade county, inspectors have to call the building department to get the permit information. Not sure about Dade/Palm Beach as I live in Pinellas and our info is online. Thank goodness…Good luck

So let’s say if i can’t find the permit and installation date for that particular house i’m inspecting, i would mark as Unknown or undetermined right?

And then I believe the insurance company would not give credit for that section, I mean for the Predominant Roof Covering because of the missing information, but will give credit for the rest of the section, it’s hard to find this type of info you know, I have been every website from the counties and cities of my area and they will actually cahrge you to get those information

Yes mark unknown or undetermined and state cannot find permit. Or could mark does not meet, either or. Yes, the ins company would not be giving that credit if that is market, but again, they want permitted roof replacement proof, so if there is no permit # and date, then you cannot give them that credit. If the building depts charge you for it then either 1) reflect that cost in your rates or 2) put it on the insured to obtain and explain you cannot give credit without reroof permit

Ok good, thank you Glenn:)