Wind mit date

I had my first 2003 built home/villa today, the permit date was 5/29/2003 Under the roof section for build date

All roof coverings listed above meet the FBC with a FBC or Miami-Dade Product Approval listing current at time of
installation OR have a roofing permit application date on or after 3/1/02 OR the roof is original and built in 2004 or later.

Since the house was built in 2003 does that mean I need to select box D since the wording says 2004 or later?

Someone should get the permit date to see what it is. If I do their research for them I charge. If they do it no fee. if they do not want to pay me and have no proof I mark NO PROOF PROVIDED because they DID NOT PROVIDE it. Their responsibility to PROVIDE. You could be a nice guy and do it for them the choice is up to each inspector.

They use 2004 as the wording as sometimes builders were pulling the original construction permits in mass before the code changeover to avoid paying more money for buildout. List permit date of 5/29/03 and you’ll be fine and can mark ‘A’

Thank you guys!

If you have the original build permit dated on or after 03/01/2002, then all roof coverings are FBC…select A and include the permit date. In the building code question Q1, select A, YB, and permit date. Include a copy of the permit summary.

Do your own permit search, everybody else does, except Mike.:roll:

That’s because wind mits are dangerous, you might get a paper cut

Bull s h i t…Can you prove it? I get paid when I do the CLIENTS work for them unless I am in a good mood. Gee maybe the 4 folks who comment on it here do it for them but smart ones do not without getting paid. i know some reinspectors DO NOT :slight_smile:

I do, and Steve, since you already knew the permit date, your question was answered before you asked it. The key word is “or”.

Thats funny in the IR course John just talked about a 20 year vet who had to on purpose fall through a ceiling so he did not drop dead from the heat. Your comments are reckless at the least and could cause death at the worst. Keep living in fantasy land. Folks like you are the reason we have to crawl around in unsafe environments looking for nails that SHOULD NOT be visible. Congrats on helping endanger us all. Hope you feel great.

The hell they don’t…it’s required to do.

Not from what my clients say about them. Required by who? You know what each company that does then and the individual insurance companies that do them in house require?

Like I always say do as you wish because i sure as hell do and do not care how 4 or 5 sheep around here do stuff. Not even a little bit :slight_smile:

Hey Eric,

Have you ever fell through a ceiling?

Yes, and I agree with you that it is dangerous. I also agree about the removal of the picture requirement. If the insurance company wants the picture so badly, let their guy go out there.

Unfortunately, my clients are paying me to do the job correctly and whatever I have to do to accomplish that goal, I do.

To bad more do not agree with us on the photo crap. To many yesmen is the reason we have the requirement :frowning:

No, too many individuals doing the inspections who had no idea what they were doing. Now, until the whole program is scrapped, it will remain a requirement.
It is what happens when you let the insurance companies run the show.

There isn’t a picture requirement for WDO inspections. At least, not yet, but I do know of a few inspectors who take pictures, just to cya. :wink:

I was taking picts before they were required and saving them for my own benefit. I also used a monocular to verify wraps and nails at a distance :slight_smile:

I would like to know how many mits little brucie does a year?

Later…Lunch Over. Back to IR class :slight_smile:

Funny you sat that Eric. I always take a picture of termite damage and if there is live I instruct the termite inspector to bring it to me so I can get a picture. There is always that know it all realtor who says “show me”. So I do. I once had a realtor sweep up the pellets and tell the client that I was lying ;and there was no evidence. Her jaw dropped when I showed her the picture.

Yeah and tomorrow I have 2 connected small townhouse type things with no attics. All for the same client.

2 CITIZENS 4 points “you should all charge much more for”
2 wind mits without attic
2 roof permit history searches


Yeah I must be doing something wrong… You guys keep bundling stuff up and giving discounts. Not me :slight_smile:

Oh did I mention, CASH UPON ARRIVAL :slight_smile: