Wind Mitigation Permit Number

Property built in 1982 but no permit records found. County bldg depth advised they only are required to maintain permit records for 10 years. Apparently, they purge the electronic records surprising but true. May have hard copy but not required to keep from what I’m told.

So in this scenario wind mit shows what?

Sorry duplicate post.

Does anyone here have any information on HVHZ in Florida?

   I have insurance companies telling me that Palm Beach County is in the HVHZ and others that state that it is not.   I search the web and come up with both yes and no but no specific regulation stating either..... 

   This is specific to section 2b on the 

Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form where it states

  • B. [FONT=Times New Roman]All roof coverings have a Miami-Dade Product Approval listing current at time of installation OR (for the HVHZ only) a roofing permit application after 9/1/1994 and before 3/1/2002 OR the roof is original andbuilt in 1997 or later. [/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman]The home is in palm beach county near but not on the coast and has a roofing permit dated 01/12/1998. [/FONT]