In reviewing the last post I made, I realize I left some things out as I thought I would. Please forward all questions and comments through this thread so I can easily track and respond to them.

First thing’s first. Again, to clarify the date issue everyone seems to have something to say about.

The CPOL original concept was Certified Pre-Owned House. This was something discussed in early 2000, the domain lists as purchased in 2004, however I believe it was purchased before then and transferred to godaddy in 2004. But I can’t confirm this with hard facts.

www.myinspectionreport.com, our report upload and notification system, was purchased here: Domain Name: MYINSPECTIONREPORT.COM
Created on: 29-Apr-02. This system is somewhat similar to fetchreport which was purchased in 2006. This was the original report upload technology which requires a person re-agree to the pre-inspection agreement before the report is available for viewing, protecting the inspector further.

Second, this product is a complete program. It offers more than a downloadable inspection report and sign rider – which you have to pay for yourself. These can cost anywhere from $10-35 each depending on how many you order. Sign riders are not new. Our sister inspection company has had pre-listing inspection signs for 13 almost 14 years. They’re sitting in the attic of their office because buyers could care less if XYZ Inspection Company inspected the home already. They’re still going to get their own inspection. With this program, they may still, however, the home has been put through a test and the buyer has the peace of mind that everything has been looked at and fully disclosed, replaced or repaired.

Third, the CPOL Summary offered as part of the program is a system generated summary that has four paragraphs which are customized for each inspection conducted. The last paragraph with the For the Buyer information is something that you as a company personally edit. The sample you viewed with the statement about going back to the house is exactly that, a SAMPLE. You as a company can put whatever you like in this area. You don’t have to offer to go back for a lesser fee if you choose not to. This company chooses to familiarize the buyer with the company’s report and buyer’s new home. This not only helps generate another inspection, but helps the inspector market his/her services for other inspections. Should the visitor NOT buy the home they are touring, they have a summary with your company name and contact information staring at them when they do find a house and look for an inspector. The chances of them choosing your company are that much higher.

If this practice is against your state laws, then obviously you wouldn’t offer it as an inspection. The practice in the SAMPLE summary seen can be described as a consultancy service, a survey etc. Call it what you want, or don’t offer it at all.

Our program will help real estate agents understand the true condition of the home they are listing. In response to Mr. Wagner’s comment about deals getting killed before they even hit the market, our focus groups have revealed that agents looking into using the program will not only use it to market the listing, but will also use it to determine if they even want the listing! Right now, agents have little money to spend on marketing, if they waste it on a home that has a $50,000 structural problem, only to find this out AFTER the buyer’s inspection and lose the contract, the home will never sell. Agents have said that they will use this to decide if they take the listing, because they will know AHEAD OF TIME exactly what is going on. This program will not only help agents secure listings, but sell them faster as well.

Fourth, finding an inspector is as easy as selecting the City or State you wish to locate an inspector in. If there are no inspectors in that area, none will show up in the results. Try simply clicking search without any information in the details to view inspectors. As I said before, I am waiting on many Criminal History Affidavits to be turned in before a lot of registered inspectors are activated and searchable.

This ensures that we have only qualified inspectors on board the program and something that agents we have presented to and spoken with LOVE about the program. You’d be surprised at how many inspectors practicing have felonies on their record. In an unlicensed state, ANYONE can enter a home claiming to be an inspector. While it is the responsibility of the homeowner, buyer, or agent to ensure that the company they select is credible, we help them out by ensuring every inspector has signed and notarized the affidavit.

In the future, inspectors wishing to join the program will have a background check conducted and there will be a registration fee to cover this.

Fifth, CPOL does not dictate the fees an inspector charges in any way. We gave prices as an absolute baseline to help inspectors who had called asking for a guideline. Inspectors should charge in accordance with their fees, adding the price for the Listing Package so they recoup this fee. Some agents have even offered to pay this fee for their sellers.

Lastly for now, we do offer an Introductory Package that includes a sample of all the marketing material as well as a User Guide and Marketing Manual and PPT presentation, sample letters for agent marketing and more. This package is $149.95 and is available to all approved inspectors.

There is a photo of the Introductory Package and its contents attached.

Carry this box with you (minus the user manual) when you present the program to agents and brokers, it’s a HUGE hit! The user guide and marketing manual alone are worth at least $200. It outlines exactly how to market and make this program successful in your area. It also takes you through step-by-step the real estate presentation, program process and follow-up. What more could you ask for? If you have something let me know, I’ll see if we can include it in the program.

Thanks guys for all your patience and understanding, I apologize this post is so long. If you have any other questions, please post, call or email. I’ll follow this closely and try to answer as quickly as possible.



I think you posted this on the wrong association’s bulletin board.


Vendors are not allowed to post on the ASHI message board…:smiley:

Most inspectors including myself don’t bother either…:lol:

Thank you Catherine, good info, thanks for posting, a few concerns though…

Catherine, I notice that on this page http://www.certifiedpreownedlisting.com/UclLinks/frmAsc.aspx?pg=asc you promote a known no-entrance-requirement diploma mill that allows anyone to join by just sending in a check and shazam!

It gets worse. They then unconscionably encourage their come-only-with-cash associates to go out and actually perform 250 fee paid inspections for poor unsuspecting consumers as the only way to achieve full membership. This is totally unconscionable! People get hurt and killed in their homes all the time and part of an inspector’s job is to alert them to safety issues. Seeing that much of what home inspectors do protects consumers from injury and even death… the practice of this known diploma mill is nothing short of murder.

It gets even worse. Their full membership requirements are a joke (but not too funny to their clients I bet). As an inspection reporting software producer yourself, you know damn well that these days, it is almost impossible for an inspector to generate non-compliant SOP reports, so checking a few of the applicant’s reports for SOP compliance that isn’t really much of a requirement. And the NHIE has a pass rate approaching 90%. Even the administrator and the states that have adopted it admit it is a MINIMUM standard exam.

So their top-tier is about the bottom rung of InterNACHI membership. And their entrance level tier is nothing short of ridiculous… yet… you list this known diploma mill on your certifiedpreowned site and lie to consumers who read your website by saying the following quote “most revered and respected national associations for home inspectors.”

When one of these consumer’s kids die in a fire or their guests fall down the stairs or whatever, aren’t you worried that your company will be included in the law suit for publicly steering unsuspecting consumers toward the associations with the weakest requirements? I would think your misinformation would make your company the most culpable defendant in such a suit. And should our members worry about associating themselves with a company that, with its publicity of its own authored words, commits statistical mass murder of our fellow Americans?

And finally, was the decision to include only the worst two associations (in terms of requirements) and to exclude high quality orgs such as InterNACHI or maybe www.CertifiedMasterInspector.org , due in any part to the fact that InterNACHI has a competing product www.MoveInCertified.com ? And if so admitted (and you personally might actually have to admit this under oath one day), isn’t your certifiedpreowned… program, in some real sense… murder for profit?


This “Thread” should be considered SPAM and should be deleted!


If Rowan is still allowed to call himself a “member” of NACHI…his representation of the “other” associations to the public over this one has provided you with the grounds to remove from him that privilege.

Will you?

CettifiedPreOwnedCars… I mean HOUSE…

Master Buiding Inspector…

Fee Fi Foe Fum…

Its all the same. Although imitation is allegedly the sincerest form of flattery, enough is enough. Let them advertise on another message board. This is worse than spam, IMO. Its free advertising on the message board of an association that a certain individual uses, despite the fact that while he sees the need to hijack our presence and bandwidth, doesnt want to fall out of favor with his good old boys network.

He’s a poser, in many respects.

Now that you mention it …

**I recommend that this “thread” should be deleted! **

When I reviewed both your responses to CPOL, this is what I observed. Besides what Nick posted, it seems that CPOL creators only care for the shady real estate agent and the inspectors pocket book. Not much is said about the actual seller or buyer of the home. As a consumer, I am very put off by this. Keep in mind, bottom line, I, the consumer, am paying for the service.

I highly recommend that Inspection Depot be dropped from anyone’s list of vendors. There are numerous other vendors that do not slap our membership in the face like has been done here.

Interesting thought.

Let’s not forget making a fast buck from facilitating the process with a superficial “certification” and a “program plan” ripped-off from MIC.:twisted:

Your site loads too slow Cathrine

This is so funny to watch.

If they gave me a free membership in **certifiedpreownedhouse.com
**I would try it… but I would not pay money for it. It would be worth
the value of another junk web link for my page ranking.