Premier Furnce and flue connection

O.K. HVAC Gurus, I have hit a wall on this one. The four photos below show a Premier Furnace Company, Model# GHB75D-10, Circa 1983. The pictures are what appear to be some type of draft hood arrangement on the furnace. I’ve never seen that before. This is shooting up into a 14" X 18" ceiling access hole at the bottom of the draft hood (???). There was no method to mount a plate on the open bottom of this assembly and no plate around anyhow.

Educate me!! Was that suppose to be a type of draft hood???

Premier Furnace Company has been out of business for some time now. Anyone know of an online source for their manuals?






Hi Manny,

Premier furnace were taken over by Consolidadted Industries, also is this a side draft attic furnace as these were subject to a CPSC recall and also I believe a class action suit.




Thanks for the info. I was aware of the CPSC recall on the NOx rod furnaces but these were supposedly only sold in California. Consolidated Industries went Chapter 7 in 2000 and I can find no information if anyone bought or picked up their lines.

I’ve never encountered a side draft furnace and could not find any information on how they were supposed to function, draft air requirements, etc., etc. Looked through some old HVAC training books and WEB searches come up with nothing but the CI/Premier Furnace issue.

Do you have any WEB resources for side draft furnaces, proper install and draft requirements?

Hi Manny,

sorry I was forgetting that it was primarily a California issue, I can’t find any installation guides out on the net for these either.

All I have is from Prestons which confirms it as a 82-83 model with 75,000 btu input and runs at 57.6% AFUE (which itself is a good reason to change it) also at 25 years old it has to be considered at the end of it’s design life.

Those horizontal furnaces scare me to death most of the ones I’ve seen or read about were improperly installed.

Good luck with your hunt.