pressure discharge pipe connect to Gas Line

Gas Line was connect to ** pressure relief valve. (see Photo)**
Anyone help me how do I comment.


It’s a watts 210 valve and it shuts off the gas.
The install is sloppy in my opionion. There is to much flex line going on.

My question is the Gas line is connect to the heater for heating source, and used for pressure discharge pipe. It can be possible? I’m forst time saw that.
Please advise…
Thank you !

The gas supply should be running from the main fuel supply, through the Watts valve, to the WH control valve. The watts Valve is typically used when a TPR valve is impractical for the installation.

The only comments should be;

  1. The appliance connectors are longer than allowed for this application. Appliance connectors are restricted to 36" maximum.
  2. The use of a Watts 210 Gas Shutoff requires a pressure relief valve on the plumbing system.

It’s wrong even as a Watts 210 installation.

See the diagrams for installation.

What do you see as the problem Mike - other than the appliance connectors?

No Pressure relief valve.

It may be there but from the photo you can’t tell.


The relief valve doesn’t necessarily have to be “within site” of the water heater. It simply has to be on the system with no shutoff valve between the tank and the relief valve.

Often, in multifamily construction, a dedicated line will be branched off of the hot-water side, and the relief valve will be installed somewhere near the exterior of the structure.