Pretty sure this is not allowed?


I am pretty sure that the main lug is not made for 2 conductors, but thought I would throw it out here. There are 2 meters, both come into the main panel and head right to the main lug.

Any thoughts?




You are correct.

Two meters to the same lugs is pointless.

Which meter would the power company read. Both, and then add them together. LOL

I’m pretty sure you’re right :twisted:

Not to mention the clearance of those shrubs

I know 2 meters were used for hot water heaters and electric heat around here. You would get a lower rate on the electricity for heating. They have now done away with it now and this was the solution for some but not correct!

I would check with the label on the panel. The paper label (often absent) will describe lug capacities and number of conductors. One conductor appears smaller. Where does it go?