I am just wondering if everyone is having problems with prices. We recently had to lower our prices just to stay in business. We are in Lakeland and I got a call today from one of our agents for a Citizen’s Wind Mitigation and a Citizen’s Roof Certification. She said she found someone else that would do both for $75. Geez… That isn’t worth my gas and all the paperwork. Is this the price that the market will bear?

$19.99 prices are on the way. Just about anyone is now allowed to do these inspections thank the powers that be. People have to eat and if they are allowed to provide a service they will.

Well I’m thinking of price matching for a while. Some one is obviously doing this just to get the business. I’ve saved for a rainy day so if I have to do them for the same price as the other guy I will. I don’t think someone can stay in business for long doing $19.99 inspections. My new strategy is Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.

Then why bother following…why not lead? Set your price at $14.99 until your competition has thrown in the towel.

Good luck trying to convince future prospects of paying you $150 for what they could have gotten for under $50, though. But at least you, as one of the few remaining guys in business can do the volume business and can turn these inspections into a good $9.25 per hour job over the course of a week.

Survivor may be a better way to make a living. I do them to supplement my income.

I know what you’re saying. I’m just really angry right now. We’ve been getting these calls and saying if you can get that price, go for it. And turning away a lot of business. We bend over backwards to service our customers. We did a wind mit for this company a while back and went back 3 times at no charge because they kept changing the requirements for pictures. We feel that this type of service justifies the higher prices we charge. We have always carried liability insurance, bonds , maintained licenses, commercial auto, etc. I think when June rolls around and everyone else has to pay these expenses too the prices will go back up. I hope.

Throughout the country, right now, we have professional inspectors…and then we have unemployed (insert name of profession, here) who are trying to make a few unreported dollars to get by on until they find someone to hire them.

It will be very difficult to recover…not only from the extremely low fees that they are worth and charge, but from the poor work that they will leave behind them that will reflect upon our profession for years to come.

It’s hard to do…but IMO the only thing that legitimate inspectors can do is to maintain their levels of fees and services until “WalMart” can afford to hire these guys back.

Good contractors are still working. Others…well, they have to wait for the industry to improve so that the competition isn’t as tough.:wink:

Well said my friend. The re-inspections are what’s keeping us in business right now.:mrgreen:

Sounds like what the contractors will end up doing just to get the repairs. Lower prices and ruin the inspection industry. That’s why we need this bill changed.

No contractors I know work for free to attempt to get repairs. The idea of it is foolish at best. Only an idiot would believe contractors would do that.

Either get the bill changed or prepare to be “meekered”.:wink:

I know alot of idiot builders. If the shoe fits wear it.

James, your in the SHOW ME STATE. Show him how to do it right.

Bring it on.

We have a saying, here…You can’t teach a pig to sing. All you end up with is a lot of wasted time and a pissed off pig.:wink:

Your mom told be that was how you made her feel and that was why she came up with that saying.

LOL. Is that the best you can do?

It must be tough not being good enough to stay employed in your field of choice…and then being totally rejected by people that you consider inferior to you.

Your frustration is understandable and hopefully your legislators will be given a copy of a link to this thread (a little birdy told me they are already following it) just to observe you as the reason the law needs to be changed.

Please…by all means…carry on. Got any more “yo mamma” witty quips?:smiley:

You are an ignorant fool. I still do plenty of new construction. Just not as much as I would like. When you have as many talents as I you get to do many different things and are not just stuck crawling around in other peoples homes trying to see how many pages you can make a report. You must get paid by the word.

Like I said before, let the real inspectors do the inspections. You go play with your other talents.
Mike, if your ever in the area call me. I’ll buy you a few beers and show you hows it’s really done.
Is your other construction with Lincoln Logs?

Any time you wish. I love to meet folks face to face.