Primary and Secondary Roofs

Does this Qualify as one roof or two? :mrgreen:

Let me guess, the newer side is the one visible from the street? LOL.


You got it.

It Qualifies as half-#@$%#… :roll:

I would say one and go with the weakest.

I agree :smiley:

primary roof and secondary roof both permitted 1997.

Primary roof: Gabled dimensional shingles 5yrs remaining life

Secondary roof: Flat Torch down ponding is evident Remaining life ???


  • Old worn out roof
  • Newer 1/2 front roof
  • New roof, to be installed soon in order to get any credits!

One roof. 50% partial update on primary roof…estimated useful life - 30 days

The whole thing needs to be replaced using the 25% rule.

Great answer! lol

Is it a multi-family building?

I hope everyone realizes that asking if it was one or two roofs was in fun…:shock:

Ahh. Apparantly the sarcasism was lost on us. The :mrgreen: should have denoted it. Oops.

I do, but I bet the guy that paid for the new half feels entitled to the benefits of a new roof :frowning:

Yes, they did.

The out of town buyer had a Home Inspection from another inspector. Someone recommended by the agent that was representing both the seller and the buyer. I do Not know who the other inspector was or what he really said. I was there for the wind and 4 point only.

The agent and the buyer were under the mistaken belief that the roof was new and only had “a little tree damage”.

Say what you will about the insurance industry. It’s situations like this that make some of their requirements make a great deal of sense.