Prioritize the membership benifits of Nachi

How would you list the benefits of the membership from the top to bottom pertaining to your business?

Please add any that you think are important.

Mine would be:

Master Inspector
CEU education
Message Board
Maintenance book
Call me now

Move in Certified
Message Board (sometimes)

Want to use:

I hope to get involved with the Ohio Nachi chapter.

Thinking about the warranty and buy back features.

Trying to take advantage of all that nachi offers.

I use the online agreement and Now Book for every client

Here is how I ordered them with education at the top:

That pretty much sums it up!:smiley:

There are so many benefits of the organization as you posted.
I was trying to see how others prioritized the associations benefits. Not much interest in the post.
Thanks for all the links Nick.

I noticed my business is dropping and wanted to game plan for next year.
My website, nachi leads are way down.

  1. My favorite has got to be the free classes. Here in Tennessee we are required to do 32 CEs every 2 years. Before I jointed Nachi I had travel and class expenses. Now I do the classes at my leasure in my office.
  2. The forums are great for taking advantage of the experiences of other inspectors. I’m in my third year, so I still have a number of question. Although I do get tired of the few people on the forums that act unprofessional.
  3. Free membership to Tennessee’s Home Inspector association.
  4. The certified inspector program is pretty cool. It tells me that at least I have been exposed to all of the required knowledge, and it gets me a lot of inspections as it is posted on my website.

I don’t use the Maintenance book. I tried the Call Me Now but only received a couple of call over an entire year.

The education is a HUGE benefit, probably the biggest, especially to newer inspectors out there.